Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Tip#985: Re-Energize in Nature, Part 2 - The Legend of Tarzan

I just moved back home after 10 weeks of house sitting a friend’s beautiful home and I am already missing it especially the lush backyard garden (see tip#970). Everyday it was filled with the sounds of robins and chickadees singing and bathing themselves in the fountain pool or the sprinkler I’d set up. Squirrels were also jumping around and once in awhile I’d catch them just sunbathing sprawled out under the hot sun!

This was the first time I spent this length of time in nature and I really soaked up the feel of the grass and earth under my bare feet. I always felt re-energized! I also loved seeing how many cherry tomatoes were ripe enough to eat each day. They were so delicious and they reminded me of my dad’s cherry tomatoes in his garden when I was a kid. He loved gardening so his spirit was always with me in the garden.

My dad's memory also came up when I saw the film The Legend of Tarzan because we’d watch the old black & white Tarzan films on Sunday afternoon TV! Fond memories.

The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

The action adventure film, The Legend of Tarzan, is about Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård), also known as John Clayton III, and his return to Africa with his wife Jane (Margo Robbie) after a decade living in Victorian England. This is a thrilling update of this classic character and filled with lush locations in Africa and mesmerizing scenes with lions, apes, elephants and other wildlife. See: movie trailer 

I am really glad this film delivered what I enjoyed about the old Tarzan movies like how he communicated with animals, exotic locations and his trademark yelling! Skarsgård also created a very noble and heroic character who was also sporting a super ripped body! Some of the jungle scenes were so beautiful they felt like iconic visuals I wanted to see again.

And despite problems I had with the film’s pacing and editing I still highly recommend you see it especially if you are a fan of Tarzan. Actors Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz also star and give good performances.

You can always feel re-energized by watching a favourite film. At the same time if you are able to get outside into nature you can feel and soak up the beauty of fresh water, green grass, lush trees and plants as well as the sun shining in a bright blue sky. Whatever way you choose to re-energize yourself enjoy each and every moment down to your soul (or sole)!

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