Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tip#987: Remember the Magic of Cinema, Part 3 - Café Society

“Life is a comedy written by a sadistic comedy writer.” 
Café Society (2016)

As I wrote in my previous tip#986 I attended a TIFF gala screening at Roy Thomson Hall and, as always, the air was filled with electricity and excitement! That environment always re-energizes me especially when I’m not feeling well or stuck in life or work. Seeing films with other people is fantastic and yet if I am alone and watching an engaging film, whatever blues or woes I am feeling quickly dissipate.

The day right after the TIFF screening I was invited to speak at an intimate event called ALL IN OUR HEADS: Using Story to End Stigma with several other speakers sharing lived-experiences with mental illness. The event was hosted by Lori Lane Murphy who also shared her personal experiences. It was inspiring to hear such honest, tragic stories told with a humorous, heartfelt tone. I spoke on how movies and writing my movie blog for 10 years helped save my life over and over again.

Natalie Daley, the Director of Art With Impact, presenting the event had taken some fantastic photos of me that amazingly captured the abstract feelings of depression thanks to the spotlight that was in shimmering motion like being underwater. The darkness of the photos actually captured the mood I was in as I wasn’t feeling well that day. But I began to feel re-energized talking about my passion for films and sharing how the magic of cinema can lift anyone up!

Café Society (2016)

The romantic comedy drama, Café Society, is a Woody Allen film about Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg) leaving New York City to seek an exciting career in the glamour of 1930’s Hollywood. Bobby is helped by his uncle Phil (Steve Carell), a powerhouse talent agent and falls in love with his secretary Veronica, nicknamed Vonnie (Kristen Stewart). This gorgeous, colourful film is highly entertaining with wonderful performances from the entire cast! See: movie trailer

This film is a classic movie lover’s dream with its sumptuous look of 30’s Hollywood and New York City soaked in rich hues by cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. The romantic story, characters, period music and its celebration of classic cinema absolutely took me away to a magical reality for two hours! This is a perfect example of a movie that you can use as a tool for re-energizing and uplift you from your troubles. The film made my spirit smile and brought me back to earth with renewed optimism and hope for a better tomorrow.

Remember the magic of cinema the next time you feel down, depressed or lost in your life or work. Let the excitement of the colours, characters, music and locations you see on the screen that can lift your spirits high. Movies can be there for you unconditionally whenever you need them!

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