Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tip#990: Movie For A Rainy Day, Part 3 - Hunt for the Wilderpeople

I remember so clearly the day after I saw La La Land at The Toronto International Film Festival. I was still very emotional about the ending of this film and it was raining all day long. The dark day really reflected how I was feeling. I was profoundly melancholy and reflective of my life decisions over the years because of the messages I received from this movie (see tip#988).

I could also feel my inner child craving some comfort food and I so baked some Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. The timeless smell, sight and taste of fresh, hot cookies lifted me up as I listened to the rain pour outside my window. This was the perfect time for a rainy day movie and thankfully I found the perfect one.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

The adventure comedy-drama film, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, is about a rebellious boy named Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison) and his foster uncle (Sam Neill) in the New Zealand wilderness escaping a national manhunt for them. This wonderful, lighthearted, charming movie is filled with quirky characters and beautiful, lush scenery and is sprinkled with hilarious film references! See: movie trailer

There was so much to like about this film. The character of Ricky is lovingly goofy while the music has a big nostalgic 80’s synth feel to it. I also loved hearing their Kiwi accents! Watching this movie was like a warm blanket on a dark, reflective day where everything was suddenly right with the world. I was whisked away to the gorgeous green locations of New Zealand and spent some time with new cinematic friends. I felt at peace and also enjoyed warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

Films can lift your spirits up on a rainy day. Comfort food too! Remember that you can always find the perfect movie prescription to help you find some peace of mind and comfort from a dark day you are in. What rainy day movies to do enjoy?

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