Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tip#614: A Dream Comes True in New York City - Serendipity

I am finally back in New York City for Christmas vacation and celebrating the completion of my first book Movies for Motivation: How to Stay Strong in Difficult Times! It has been five years since I was last here (see: tip#88) and it is synchronistic with the same five years it took to finish and publish my book. Dreams do come true and it feels so perfect that I am now soaking up the Christmas magic that is in the air here in the Big Apple!

Yesterday I was shooting a video promo for my book at the famous Rockefeller Centre where I witnessed another dream come true for someone else. Under the majestic Christmas tree and that iconic gold statue of Prometheus there are usually ice-skaters enjoying the rink but they suddenly cleared the area. Then a young couple came out skating with a third person video recording them. After a short while the young man then got on his knees, held a little box out to his girl. Everyone watching started to cheer! They embraced and skated once around the rink radiating all this love. That young man's dream just came true and he had the biggest smile on his face!

Serendipity 2001

The romantic comedy Serendipity is about Sara (Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathan (John Cusack) who meet in New York City at Christmas time. They feel a deep love for each other but are with other lovers so they play a game of serendipity and see if fate brings them together again. After many years pass synchronicities begin to magically appear for each of them and although they had plans to marry other partners they trust these unusual signs and find each other again in the Big Apple.

This has always been a favourite movie of mine because it demonstrates the magical coincidences, serendipities and synchronicities I believe we all experience in life. Only when we trust in these signs can we then accelerate towards our dreams and goals. And if it takes a little longer to get there it is only because there is inner work needed to properly receive a dream come true. It took me 5 years to finish my first book and to return to New York City and during that time needed to clear a lot of outer AND inner clutter. Now I believe I am ready for the next big stage of my life! NYC has such a big energy and I know being here is helping me prepare for bigger things to come!

If you have a dream that is taking a long time to come true remember to keep believing in yourself and your dream. Keep following the synchronicities and serendipities that are leading you to your dreams and goals while also helping you prepare your heart and mind to receive what you desire. And when you witness a dream coming true for someone else give them a big cheer! One day others will be cheering for you too!

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