Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tip#616: Trust Your Gut, Part 1 - Jack Reacher

Movies can either entertain and allow you to escape for awhile OR they can be just moving images on a screen reminding you that you are still in a movie theatre. Yesterday was Christmas Day and I wanted to see a film that took me away for awhile and chose Les Miserable. Unfortunately it was sold out so my second choice (though it didn’t feel 100% right) was The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Despite it’s rich fantasy scenery and colourful characters it didn’t absorb me into its magical land. It felt bloated and I was very aware I was still sitting in a movie theatre.

Right after my intuition told me to see Tom Cruise’s new film Jack Reacher. I trusted my gut feeling and was totally surprised that it instantly transported me into its celluloid world!

Jack Reacher (2012)

The crime mystery thriller Jack Reacher is about a captured sniper who just killed five people and makes only one request for someone to contact Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise). Reacher is a drifter and former Military Police officer who begins an investigation of the shootings to reveal that all is not what it seems. The film has thrilling car chases and fight scenes as well as being an engaging mystery.

There was so much to enjoy about this movie that I definitely forgot I was in a movie theatre. First I loved that there were many scenes with no dialogue and only visuals to tell the story. Reacher also demonstrated such confidence and powerful fighting skills when dealing with antagonists. And the story flowed so well. Simply put, I followed my intuition to see a film that wasn’t even on my radar and it charged up my positive emotion energy! I felt so good like I just ate another big, delicious holiday meal (without the bloated part!).

Sometimes ideal choices don’t make sense but FEEL like the right thing to do. That’s when it’s time to let your gut, intuition and even your heart make the decision instead of your head. The right movie at the right time can do wonders to entertain and help you escape your world for awhile. Trust that your inner voice leads you to the right one when you need it most!

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