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Tip#610: Follow Your Dream, Part 1 – Movies for Motivation: How To Stay Strong In Your Life & Career - Limitless

I am thrilled to announce that I have made a big dream come true and have published my first book! "Movies for Motivation: How To Stay Strong in Your Life & Career" is now available on Amazon as a Kindle book. And I am happy that a free Kindle reader is also available for any device so anyone can access it! Look inside book: click here 

It has been a five year journey and I first announced my dream in tip#40 in 2007 when I saw author of The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris Gardner, in person and he said these inspiring words, "Don't think about the money, just keep doing you love doing." I took those words to heart and declared my vision to get a book published that can help inspire people through movies!

Movies for Motivation book features:
• 55 movies for passion & perseverance
• Foreword written by Toronto Film Critic and TV host, Richard Crouse 
• J.K. Rowling’s inspiring story

And there are many movies about writers that I could feature for this special blog post and yet I wanted one that represented the excitement and energy I felt in the final week of writing and prepping my book for Amazon Kindle. My mind was so focused, sharp and productive that I truly felt like a superhero on a mission! Also I felt a profound surge of energy within me during that week where I somehow found the time to watch 12 movies! All this reminded me of one amazing movie.

Limitless (2011)

The thriller film, Limitless is about a writer, Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) unable to finish a commissioned book and discovers a top-secret drug that activates the full potential of his brainpower. Soon he is able to access knowledge already stored in his brain to solve problems, increase his confidence and self-esteem, clean up his life AND finish writing his book at lightning speed! The visual effects of how Eddie's brain is working are stunning.

I believe movies like this helped me visualize my own potential in making my dream come true of getting my first book published. And I didn't need a top-secret drug to accomplish it. I followed Chris Gardner's inspiration to keep following my passion and I did everything I could to rewire my mindset and transform old ways of thinking that were keeping me stuck. And so on my journey to making a dream come true I ended up learning how to live life to the fullest, improve my mental health AND surround myself with supportive people! My published book is now just the cherry on top!

If you are following your dream or vision and need a big tip to making it come true then see your desire from a higher perspective. This will be a journey for learning how to stay passionate and how to transform your mindset. You will learn to increase your confidence and self-esteem in all areas of your life. And then accomplishing your dream will end up being a fabulous bonus!

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Head Health Nutter said...

Congratulations, Emmanuel! I'm so happy you accomplished your goal of becoming a published author. :)

And I loved the movie, "Limitless." It was truly an inspiring movie, knowing we can reach our potential without drugs. And you did it!

I look forward to reading your Kindle book.