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Tip#611: Keep Loving the Movies You Love - Here Comes the Boom

Some box office bombs go on to become hugely popular with the public. For example the classic It's A Wonderful Life was initially considered a box office flop but is now a big part of our cultural DNA and loved by millions! And TIME Magazine just released their Top 10 best and worst movies of 2012. Their worst list included 3 movies that I and others loved: Cloud Atlas, John Carter, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. So despite negative reviews or box-office sales ANY movie can be loved and be a huge source of enjoyment and inspiration.

This is the point I wrote about in Chapter 1 of my new book "Movies for Motivation: How To Stay Strong in Difficult Times". I featured a favourite movie of a successful individual and how it inspired them. I shared Reese Witherspoon's favourite, Outboard starring Goldie Hawn, which she announced to the world at the 84th Academy Awards. It didn't matter if people laughed at her choice, it only mattered that she found great value, comfort and joy from this film!

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Here Comes the Boom (2012)

The comedy Here Comes the Boom is about a high school biology teacher named Scott Voss (Kevin James) who needs to raise money fast for his school and his friend and music teacher Marty Streb (Henry Winkler). He ends up competing as a mixed-martial arts fighter with humorous results. The film also highlights the joy of music and, as a sideline, the love of food!

I was really surprised when I was drawn into this movie when I felt a lot of good messages about doing what you love, friendship and fighting for a lost cause. This film is a Happy Madison Production which is Adam Sandler's company. Sandler’s productions usually get savaged by reviewers but then become hugely popular with the public. So let this inspire you to love the movies you love despite it being a box-office bomb or unliked by film critics and even your own friends.

Remember that your choices and opinions have value. They matter. When you love something that others hate do your best to stand strong and tall for your thoughts and feelings. If you derive great value, comfort and joy from certain movies then embrace it and know that someone somewhere feels the same way. Keep loving what you love!

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