Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tip#615: Re-energize Yourself with Childlike Happiness - Elf

Being in New York City has always been about soaking up the BIG energy I feel there (see tip#614)! And this is the first time in a long time I experienced the Big Apple at Christmas time. The energy is even more magical and uplifting!

The same friends I stayed with in Brooklyn back in 2007 (see tip#90) took me to Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas trees and decorations. The trees were stunning and I truly felt my inner child come alive with unapologetic glee! The colourful lights and smiling people around me re-activated my silly, playful side and I then remembered this is where the movie Elf was filmed!

Elf (2003)

The comedy Elf is about a human named Buddy (Will Ferrell) who is raised by Christmas elves and goes to New York City to find his real father (James Caan). Because of his upbringing Buddy has kept his playful inner child alive and sees everything in the Big Apple with wonder and joy. That positivity eventually touches everyone around Buddy. This film has many timeless messages for living life to the fullest which is why it is one of the 55 movies featured in my book Movies for Motivation: How To Stay Strong in Your Life & Career. Read the first chapter: click here

"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup."

Buddy demonstrates that tapping into happy childhood memories can keep you positive and uplifted. There is even a scene where his brother, Michael, receives a Christmas gift and the energy of his excitement suddenly lifts up Santa’s sleigh because it is powered by Christmas spirit. This concept can be applied to your own times of low energy where you can re-energize yourself by remembering and FEELING happy memories from your past.

Do your best to see the world every day through the eyes of a child. See everything with wonder and joy! And when you feel low energy remember favourite things you loved as a child and FEEL that positive energy re-vitalize your spirit. For those who love the holidays you can tap into Christmas Spirit and share it with everyone around you. Sharing will re-energize you too!


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