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Tip#359: How Superhero Movies Inspire - Top 10 Superhero Movies

There is a new genre of movies that feature comic book superheroes. They dazzle us with amazing special effects and exciting visuals. They can also inspire us deeply by showing flawed human beings that still achieve greatness.

Greatness from Flaws

Stan Lee is the creator of many Marvel Comics superheroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, The X-Men and The Incredible Hulk. What he set out to do was create characters with the same problems humans have in real life. Peter Parker is the alter ego of Spider-Man who is still picked on in school and has problems holding down a job. Parker just happens to be a superhero on the side.

Purpose and Passion

The stories of superheroes like Batman can be a journey because their alter egos (Bruce Wayne) must go through struggles and pain in order to discover their purpose in life. And when they do they truly shine. Their purpose helping others becomes their passion and they feel more fulfilled then ever.

Here is a list of my top 10 favourite superhero movies:

1) Spider-Man 2 2004
• Identifying and utilizing your gifts
• Building self-confidence

2) Iron Man 2008
• Perseverance
• Creative solutions

3) The Dark Knight 2008
• Creative solutions
• Sacrifice for the bigger picture

4) Superman - The Movie 1978
• Serving others
• Following your destiny

5) X2-X-Men United 2003
• Teamwork
• Accepting differences of others

6) Kick-Ass 2010
• Perseverance
• Teamwork

7) The Incredibles 2004
• Teamwork
• Utilizing your gifts

8) Unbreakable 2000
• Identifying and utilizing your gifts
• Building self-confidence

9) The Incredible Hulk 2008
• Sacrifice for the bigger picture
• Perseverance

10) Watchmen 2009
• Teamwork
• Utilizing your gifts

Look at your own favourite superhero movies and identify what excites you about the characters. See what they are mirroring about you. Ask yourself if they are demonstrating abilities, strengths and gifts you wished you had. Be inspired that despite whatever flaws you see in yourself that YOU TOO can achieve the extraordinary.

Most of all be open to the idea that your favourite superhero movies are reminding YOU of your own super powers. They are there to help you be the courageous person you were born to be. Feel your greatness now!

Please let me know and why!

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Yor Health Brian said...

Love it Emmanuel! I'm a big fan of superheroes for just that reason! They let us connect with the hero, so that we think "Maybe I can be that great too."

Love your work! Keep it up man!

-Brian Sullivan

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hello Brian,

Many thanks for your comment. You must have superhero name. What is it?