Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tip#353: Who Are Your Super-Friends? - Mystery Men

We did it! The main move into my new live/work space (see Tip#352) took 5 solid hours with the help of 7 super-friends. And even in prepping my move, painting and cleaning, there were even more amazing people that helped. I am so grateful for all their big-hearted assistance. We worked as a team.

In fact, my move gave me the opportunity to witness the secret super powers of these friends. They each surprised us all with hidden abilities that made the move incredibly efficient. And they all LOVED what they were tasked to do!

One of the groups I called the "Super Workhorses" who tirelessly moved furniture "in a single bound"! And there were the "Super Scrubbers" who loved eliminating dirt and grime with their super sponges. Then there were "Super Declutterers" who for months helped me let go of kryptonite junk that had been draining me of my own super powers for years!

Mystery Men 1999

There are many superhero movies out there and one that has many fun superhero names is Mystery Men starring Ben Stiller. Based on the Dark Horse comic book series, the film is a comedic take on superheroes with unusual and/or made up powers. Here is a list of superhero names from the movie:

Mr. Furious
The Shoveler
Blue Raja
The Spleen
The Bowler
The Waffler
Pencil Head
Squeegee Man
Ballerina Man
PMS Avenger

Though some of these titles are silly they exemplify the uniqueness of one's own preferences, gifts and talents for something they ENJOY or LOVE to do. And in any collaborative situation where team spirit is crucial it's important to recognize the natural skill sets of those around you.

Whether it's in your workplace or personal life you definitely have individuals around with the skills you lack that can help you with your dreams or goals. Be open to recognizing and identifying your super-friends. And remember to shine your bat-signal up in the sky whenever you need help!

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Emmanuel Lopez

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your move!!! Many best wishes for a wonderful stay in your new space!!!


Head Health Nut said...

Yay, Emmanuel and your team of Super-Friends!

So happy to hear your move went smoothly because of your superhero friends (and that the weather co-operated, too).

This was a super fun post (I love how you named your groups) and so very like the movie, "Mystery Men."

To answer your question (again, so fun!)... well, I believe I have a talent for turning gloomy guses into happy campers so my superhero name would have to be: "The Frowninator!"

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks Elena.

And thanks for sharing your superhero name Head Health Nut! It's a fun, silly name: The Frowninator"!

Say that 5 times fast!


Sheri Zampelli AKA Gal VanIZed said...

My super hero name is Gal Vanized. I took it on when I was skating with the L.A. Derby Dolls. I have always been a mentally strong person but most of my life I tried to hide that because of social pressure to "act like a girl." I actually liked a lot of girl things too and still do. I decided I can be both: Tough as nails and soft as silk. I think it's time for women to re-claim their feminine, playful selfs and realize we can be powerful and feminine at the same time.