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Tip#354: What Will Your Legacy Be? Part 1 – Iron Man 2

My recent move into a new live/work space (see tip#353) is one of several life-changing experiences I am going through right now. I have also been re-examining every aspect of my life and career because I know more drastic changes are needed.

One question that's been helping me is one that came from the Mastery of Self Expression workshop I took a few weeks ago (see tip#351 and tip#352). The question was to ask yourself: What is the legacy you want to leave behind? How do you want to be remembered?

I thought about friends and family who have died and how they continue to help me enjoy life or be a better person. My father taught me how to be incredibly resourceful with whatever I had in front of me. He has been with me every step of my life and career since he passed on. His legacy is helping me identify what mine will be.

Iron Man 2 2010

The movie Iron Man 2 is filled with non-stop action and a powerful message about legacy. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) discovers that he is dying and falls on a self-destructive path. Along the way he re-examines his father's legacy.

While in that reflective mindset Stark finds answers to solve his current challenges. It was his father's legacy and a special message from the past that helps Stark move forward as a man and as a superhero.

Explore What Legacy Means To You

So if you feel stuck in your career or life ask yourself what your legacy will be? What do you want to leave behind for others to benefit from? How will you contribute to helping people or help the planet?

Look at loved ones who have passed on and recognize how they have added value to your own life. Think about how your heroes throughout history have influenced you in being a better person. Explore what legacy means to you and you will open your mind and heart to the answers you seek.

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Head Health Nut said...

This is an inspiring message, Emmanuel, and thanks for asking us to reflect on what we've learned from our loved ones who have passed.

My Grandmother taught me that we have the power to be young and vibrant in our later years by being active and eating right when we're young.

Funny, I feel that this is also my legacy! :)

Candice Frederick said...

i agree with the above comment that this is such an inspiring post. it's so true how superhero movies truly make us think how we want to be rememebered and what mark we want to make on this planet while we are still here. good review!

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hello Head Health Nut and Candice.

Thank you both for your positive feedback on this post. I have been questioning the future of my blog and your ongoing comments help me see that the passion I have for writing my blog IS part of my legacy.

You are both awesome!