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Tip#357: Be Neighborly Using Social Media - Amal

Neighborly: like, characteristic of, or appropriate to neighbors; kind, friendly, sociable, etc.

One of the most uplifting feelings is to receive the unexpected generosity of friends, family and colleagues when you need it most. That's what I experienced during my recent life changes that were overwhelming to deal with alone. Generosity and giving is also at the heart of what social media is all about.

I just attended a wonderful evening of a book review hosted by the ever warm Judi and Nick Hughes of Your Planning Partners. The book was Mitch Joel's Six Pixels of Separation and was presented with enthusiasm by Faith Seekings of Rapport Communications and Design. She shared that the primary success keys of using social media is being authentic and to focus on providing value.

Providing value is about giving and helping others in a meaningful way. This is the underlying secret of social media which is to build community by giving and sharing information online. I believe social media is helping individuals get back to the fundamentals of a neighborly mindset.

Amal 2008

The movie Amal celebrates the concept of being neighborly. Amal (Rupinder Nagra) is an auto-rickshaw driver in contemporary India who exudes the spirit of customer service and generosity. You see how he goes out of his way to help and pay medical care for an injured little beggar girl.

And when faced with an unreasonable, irate customer (Naseeruddin Shah), Amal maintains his sense of honesty and integrity and allows him to pay for what the customer felt was the value of his ride. Amal even refused to accept a tip. The old man is so moved by Amal's actions that he chooses to put Amal in his will. The customer was in fact a billionaire.

Focus On Giving

Some say that what you give comes back ten-fold. I believe this is true and what is at the core to building a sense of supportive community in your life and in achieving success using social media. The key is to focus on giving from the heart AND provide value in other people’s lives without expecting anything in return.

Start today by being mindful of other people's needs. Hold a door open for someone. Give someone your seat on the bus. Or give advice to someone in need whether it's online or in person. Practice providing value and being neighborly any way you can. The uplifting energy you'll feel will be worth it!

What other movies do you know that inspire community or being neighborly? Let me know in the comments tab below or via email.

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