Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tip#358: Tap Into Your Primal Instincts – A History of Violence

The success of dealing with my recent life changes (see tip#352) is due to my primal instincts kicking into action. I just accepted that I was in survival mode and needed to find a new home, putting all my focus onto the basic necessities for living.

I could feel the primal part of my brain become more active as my "fight-or-flight response" leaned toward fight. And that fight reaction was more about unleashing a positive, proactive energy that led me to the solutions I needed to put a roof over my head.

A History of Violence 2005

The movie A History of Violence features a mild-mannered man named Tom (Viggo Mortensen) who reveals a radically different, heroic side to himself through an unexpected act of violence. And though this is a violent film the motivational value comes from a man whose primal instincts for survival kicks in when it was needed most.

Tom is the owner of a diner in a small, peaceful town when 2 robbers threaten him and his customers at gunpoint. Despite appearing passive and soft-spoken Tom's instincts kick into action and he skillfully disarms and kills the robbers in self-defense.

This may seem like an extreme example but it illustrates that you have the ability to tap into a proactive energy within you when faced with overwhelming challenges. You have what it takes to fight through the obstacles you face. You have the primal instincts for being the courageous person you want to be.

Every hero in the movies or in real-life faces challenges that trigger their "fight-or-flight response". Be inspired to know you can access your ability to stand your ground and fight for what you want.

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1 comment:

Candice Frederick said...

i realy liked this movie. it kinda shows that not eveyone can shed their violent past but everyone can grow from her and learn to use thri primal insticnts smartly when necessary. this is such a well written script