Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tip#278: What is Your Burning Desire? - Apocalypto

Desire: a strong wish or craving; a conscious impulse toward something that promises enjoyment or satisfaction

Just before I started my recent journey to rediscover my life purpose I felt deeply stuck. It was about 2 months ago when my career plans came to a halt. That's when my "money/wealth guru" asked me what my burning desire in life was.

He started me thinking about what I would do with my life based on questions similar to these 3 from

1) If money didn't exist would you still do it? (if your goal is a career / hobby)
2) Are you working towards it already in your life?
3) If I gave you $10m tomorrow would it still be in your plans?

These questions are designed to shake up your current mindset and unearth your true heart's desire. These questions made me take an important pause and dig deeper to understand why I kept hitting similar roadblocks in my career and life. The answer is revealed only after you identify AND feel your burning desire. For more see previous tip#277


The hero of the movie Apocalypto exemplifies what it is to have a burning desire. Set in the ancient Mayan civilization, a peaceful tribe is attacked by warriors seeking slaves and people to sacrifice to their gods. The hero, named Jaguar Paw, is taken from his tribe leaving his pregnant wife and child hidden in a deep cave.

It is his burning desire to return to his family that fuels his will to live. Jaguar Paw endures a long, shackled trek through the jungles while constantly tormented by his captors. But what he deeply cared about most in the world fueled his inner drive, confidence and resilience to keep moving him forward. He was filled with positive emotional energy.

So if you are tired of living an unfulfilling life or career then it's time to identify your burning desire. Your heart's desire IS your life’s purpose. Think deeply about the 3 questions outlined above.

Yes it can be a difficult inner journey to breakthrough old mindsets. Your heart's desire may be buried under false assumptions and other people's negative programming. You just have to believe that what you THINK you knew before in your life is meant to evolve and change.

Let your journey of your personal development be filled with the belief that YOU WILL discover what you need to discover. And you'll know when you discover your heart's desire. You'll be glowing with unlimited confidence, excitement and joy!

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2009


Head Health Nutter said...

I've been frustrated at times with my personal development and I'd like to share a trick I've been using to develop patience:

It's to approach life with child-like wonder and curiosity.

I get attached to goals and take people's advice that I should plan on how to get there and then take action.

But it rarely goes as planned, so like you mentioned at the ending of your post, the trick is to trust that the Universe will deliver messages to you pointing you in the right direction.

As long as you know what you're after, like filling yourself and others with positive emotional energy, it's fascinating to see how the Universe delivers!

Thanks for another spectacular post, Emmanuel!

Steph Miller
Head Health Nutter

Anonymous said...

you're good!


The Dolphin Whisperer said...

Another excellent post, SB. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

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