Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tip#277: Unearthing Your Passion & Purpose - Get Shorty

Finding your passion and purpose in life can happen quickly OR become a long journey of self-discovery. Whatever your case, the key is to enjoy the journey no matter what!

In my case I found it quickly, lost it and now rediscovering my purpose and true heart's desire!

Recently I've been feeling like I've been riding a law of attraction express train. Much of it due to the repeated listening of an audio book by Dr. Robert Anthony called The Secret to Deliberate Creation AND re-reading Bob Proctor's article called Purpose, Vision, Goals. See tip#271.

These resources have helped me accelerate the process of unearthing my absolute purpose on this planet. It's been a 3 fold process:

1) Declutter my living and work space a little everyday
2) Declutter and unearth important thoughts and feelings from my mindset AND heart-set
3) Allow myself to listen to reminders of my core gifts and strengths from friends, colleagues and worldwide readers of this movie blog.

One by one all of these amazing individuals held a mirror up to the strongest value I GIVE to people. I am a communicator of exciting and energizing ideas. So as of today (and after much soul-searching) my purpose and heart's desire is that I LOVE filling myself AND others with positive emotional energy. My passion for movies is just a tool to accomplish this.

Get Shorty 1995

A film that inspires how a passion for movies can lead to a successful career is Get Shorty starring John Travolta. Travolta stars as Chili Palmer, a Miami mobster who goes to Hollywood to collect on a debt. He ends up making meaningful connections just by talking about his love of cinema. His passion for movies leads him down an unexpected path in the movie industry.

With each person he encounters the conversation always turned to something about movies or the script idea that is forming in his head. This is a fantastic example of how real-life can be the same in that your true passions and purpose somehow bubble up to the surface. You just have to become aware and know in your heart what you ABSOLUTELY love to do AND share it with others.

So if you are at a point in your life or career where your soul feels empty or you know you are meant to be doing something more meaningful then take an important pause now.

Start decluttering your life and mind to unearth what you were born to do. Most likely you're already doing it in some way without realizing it. The key is to identify when you are feeling good about activities or actions you enjoying.

And once you make a commitment to discovering your true life's purpose people all around will be reminding you of your core gifts. All you have to do is listen and let it open your heart even more.

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Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Motivational Specialist
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Anonymous said...

Love this film. Especially the interplay between Travolta and Russo. It really shows that you can achieve anything by staying focused on your passion

Anonymous said...

well said!


Head Health Nutter said...

This is a very timely and helpful post, Emmanuel!

I'm also finding my passion and purpose in life... I know I'm on the right track, too! Just ironing out the details. ;)

Thank you for sharing with us your purpose and heart's desire. Congrats on nailing it because it's right on target with Motivatorman - it's posts like this one that fill me with positive emotional energy!

You've inspired me to jump back into self-discovery and provided several great suggestions in how to get started. I've already made a list of ways I can start decluttering my mind, body and environment!

And thanks for the tip about how people give us clues to our core values. I'll be on the look out! :)

Head Health Nutter
Steph Miller

Anonymous said...

wonderful. congratulations on becoming absolutely clear about your passion. the vehicle(s) for living it out will surely be revealed throughout your life. you inspire me ... i look forward to becoming clear for myself.

for now, i'm "decluttering my life and mind to unearth what i was born to do" AND to unearth my highest truth.

thank you always, for sharing your journey through your words and our friendship.

peace + love,