Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tip#273: Everything Old Is New Again – Blast From The Past

I am in the middle of celebrating my birthday all weekend long! And though the actual date was 3 days ago I believe when you get to a certain age you can celebrate your birthday for as long as you want!

And since I am still in the middle of decluttering my life and unearthing important factors of my authentic self (see tip#271) I was compelled to dig up an old video that showcased the height of my illustration career. I then posted it on Facebook and Youtube for all the world to see. View here

The video is a compilation of the many TV interviews featuring my illustration work through my company Crackers World Communications from 1986 to 1991. To my surprise I received many excited responses from people around the world on Facebook that had no idea I had this other "life" before being a motivational specialist.

The reactions I was hearing helped me remember that I had a rich history of achievements. It was definitely a self-esteem booster. So on my birthday I am celebrating all my forgotten successes with the world!

It also proves that something old that you may not see value in can become new again and exciting to other people.

Blast From the Past

The movie Blast From the Past is a fun, romantic comedy that celebrates nostalgia from the 60's. Brendan Fraser stars as Adam who had been living in a bomb shelter in Los Angeles with his parents and emerges in the mid 90's. So all he knew were the values and pop culture of the 1960's as taught to him by his parents.

Adam then meets Eve, played by Alicia Silverstone, and it is a culture shock for both of them. There is one inspiring scene where they are in a nightclub and Adam dazzles everyone with his swing dancing skills. It is a fantastic example of how something old can become new and exciting to others.

So if you find yourself going through your past whether it's your life or career, do your best not to take your experiences for granted. We all have accomplishments that others would be interested in knowing about. Your experiences HAVE VALUE to someone somewhere.

If you are in the middle of updating your resume take a pause to congratulate yourself on your achievements. If you are clearing personal items from your home remember that your junk could be another person's treasure.

You have a rich history of achievements and experiences! Be open to sharing it!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Emmanuel. many Happy Returns.
Your artwork is amazing. I wish I had an ounce of your talent but even stickmen are a challenge for me!
You look good without your goatee.

I have never seen this movie but I love your analogy.


Head Health Nut said...

Redoing my resume at the moment so this post has inspired me to get back to it! Thanks, Emmanuel! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday, Emmanuel!!
I like the idea of celebrating as long as you want. Many would rather deny they're having another one!