Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tip#271: Getting To The Core - My Cousin Vinny

So far, this year of 2009 has been an amazing journey of unearthing core issues holding me back in life and career. As noted in my recent blog entries and in tip#225, I've been "peeling my inner onion" to uncover my hidden blocks. What I've discovered so far is that it’s been my own THOUGHTS holding me back and my THOUGHTS CAN CREATE THE WAY OUT.

Decluttering Space

Decluttering my work and living space has been a big key to unearthing core issues. The act of clearing my physical space allowed my mind to feel more free and open (see tip#270). It also made room for synchronistic encounters with people who've been fantastic in helping me declutter as well as advice me with my core business goals (more on this in coming blogs).

The Subconscious Mind

The decluttering has also been a profound parallel to my studies of the subconscious mind. The external clearing is helping me identify unproductive thoughts buried in my subconscious. These hidden thoughts are contradicting my dreams and goals in my conscious mind thus creating my blocks. So I've made it my goal to transform those subconscious thoughts. And this simultaneously is revealing my true core purpose.

Here are 3 key resources that have been a joy to learn from which I highly recommend to you. These resources are currently helping me to REDEFINE my core passion, skills, gifts and purpose:

1) Purpose, Vision, Goals article by Bob Proctor: See
2) The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy: See
3) The Secret of Deliberate Creation audio program by Dr. Robert Anthony: See

My Cousin Vinny

The movie My Cousin Vinny entertains and inspires on so many levels. Both of the main characters Vinny (Joe Pesci) and Lisa (Marisa Tomei) are great cinematic role models for knowing AND demonstrating each of their core skills. The story is also a journey for Vinny to build his self-confidence as a lawyer who never fully utilized his core gift.

Vinny's core gift is his ability to see through deception and not let anyone get away with it. By being thrust in a seemingly impossible-to-win court case he does whatever it takes to face his own fears and persevere. Along the way he inspires others to help him be the person he was born to be.

Vinny knew his core gift AND purpose in life and just needed to prove it to himself and help the people who believed in him.

Let this movie inspire you to get to the core of what you were born to do. Be courageous and uncover your core skills, passions and gifts. By exploring your thoughts and mind you can discover whatever is holding you back from your purpose on this planet.

All you have to do is make the decision to get to the core of your ultimate strengths!

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2009


Candice Frederick said...

you know, I've never thought about this movie like this. great post!

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hi Candice,

I too would see movies like My Cousin Vinny as just entertainment. Then over the years I'd watch them over and over again and realize I was seeing the characters as mirrors for my own hidden strengths. It was like movies were activating me on a deeper level!

Earthcare Covenant said...
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Head Health Nut said...

Thanks for another excellent and valuable blog post, Emmanuel.

I love My Cousin Vinny and thank you for sharing the sources that have inspired you recently. The Bob Proctor article is truly a holistic and practical view of success.

And yes, it takes a great deal of courage to examine ourselves. But the time invested always pays off in the end, doesn't it?

"A life left unexamined is a life not worth living." Socrates.