Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tip#269: How Michael Jackson Can Inspire You – Citizen Kane

The sudden death of a living legend can trigger reactions around the world and stir up personal feelings. We have recently witnessed the passing of Michael Jackson.

Just after I wrote the previous blog tip about a low period in my life I began to feel more energized and confident again with my life purpose. I realize I was, once again, just stuck-on-pause and needed to reset my priorities in life and my career (see tip#40). The day after the TV news announced that Michael Jackson had died.

While in shock I was drawn to channel flipping for hours in the late afternoon of June 25th watching several networks devote full time coverage of Jackson's death. Stories upon stories began to unfold about the event, his special place in pop music history and his eccentric and questionable lifestyle.

Citizen Kane

Michael Jackson's life story has uncanny parallels to the classic 1941 movie Citizen Kane considered by some as the greatest American movie ever made. The film begins with the death of a fictional newspaper tycoon named Charles Foster Kane and his story unravels a series of events that mirrored Jackson's own life:

• Both reached incredible success, riches and worldwide fame at an early age.
• Both lived eccentric and controversial lives
• Both created enormous mansions that housed lavish purchases (Xanada for Kane and Neverland Ranch for Jackson).
• Both suffered from the longing of childhood pleasures they never had.

See the opening newsreel sequence on Youtube that reveals the similar stories of these two men. Click here

In the end it is the stories of these troubled souls that we can now benefit from. In Jackson's case we have his groundbreaking music and videos to keep us filled with the positive emotional energy of inspiration and nostalgia. We have his controversial lifestyle and behaviours to discuss, share and critique.

Most of all we have stories that can make us think about our own lives and how we can improve upon it.

So while the stories of Michael Jackson unfolds for the days and weeks to come listen to the messages for helping you live the life and career you want AND don't want. Realize the importance of childhood experiences and how the events of your early years form who you allow OR don't allow to become as an adult.

Tragic stories all have a silver lining. They leave us with something to ponder so we never have to go down an ill-fated path. We can each choose a brighter road and that is the ultimate gift the people that leave us leave behind.

"If I hadn't been very rich, I might have been a really great man."
Citizen Kane

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2009


Candice Frederick said...

I miss Michael already. His death leaves a gaping hole in the music industry never to be filled again wih anyone nearly as talented. God bless you Michael, and I hope you have found peace. What an inspiration and an enigma. Truly a legend and sorely missed. I'm still in shock.

Jamie Favreau said...

Very well written. I am glad you are seeing the good and the bad of what happened but writing it in a positive light which we can all relate.

Chris Morales said...

Excellent post, Emmanuel. Thanks for sharing

Head Health Nut said...

Thanks for your wonderful tribute to Michael Jackson, Emmanuel.

I've been stuck on pause for awhile, too, and so your post comes at a good time.

You're right, "all tragic stories have a silver-lining." In death we find life, in others and our own! With every challenge that forces us to change our thoughts and behaviour, the old ways die to make room for the new.

Very thought-provoking, Emmanuel! Thank you.