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Tip#262: Learn To Let Go, Part 1 - Up

Letting go of anything in your life can be a challenge. It is also an important step in making room for new, exciting adventures and desires to come into your life.

I often write that in order to move forward you've got to let go of things in your life that have been with you a long time. Recently I wrote in tip#252 about how shredding old business paperwork had made room for more exciting opportunities to come into my career in the form of my new column for Zoomer Magazine.

Here are 4 key areas for letting go:
• Physical items e.g. old clothes, collectibles
• Relationships holding you back
• Old habits of thinking no longer serving you
• Memories keeping you in the past

Up 2009

The animated movie Up celebrates the courageous act of letting go. This entertaining and touching adventure is about a 78 year old widower named Carl who fulfills a lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America. He ties thousands of balloons to his house and magically lifts off into the skies.

Despite his age and physical limitations he begins to truly live again with the aid of a young stowaway named Russell. Through the obstacles they face Carl begins to see that his house and its contents had become anchors preventing his spirit from moving forward in life.

Carl realizes that he was meant to have more adventures in his life beyond the joy he had with his beloved wife. And though she had passed away Carl courageously takes action to let go of all the anchors keeping him trapped in the past.

It's Up To You

So take a look at the 4 key areas for letting go. Identify the ones that are keeping you locked in the past. Which ones are preventing you from attaining your dreams and goals?

Know that letting go starts with your mindset. Ask yourself why you are holding onto these things. Have they become dead weight? If so then do your best to let it go. Give yourself a deadline. Find a friend or ally that will help kick your butt into action!

All your dreams, goals and adventures are waiting to come into your life. Recognize that it is up to you to make room for them to enter.

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."
Dr. Seuss

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Anonymous said...

You read my mind. Only today I was discarding old clothes,notes and putting stuff into recycle. I might be moving into a real home at the end of the year. Thanks for the hints about discarding old stuff. I'm making way for the new.

have a great day!


Head Health Nut said...

Great post, Emmanuel. Letting go is an important part of healthy living. In the health world, we call it cleansing.

Something I have had trouble doing in the past in letting go of relationships. There's an emotional attachment that I find hard to let go of.

Got any good suggestions in how to let go?