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Tip#265: Everything You Do Matters - The Butterfly Effect

"It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. - Chaos Theory"
The Butterfly Effect

Every action and non-action you take affects your path in life AND the lives of others around you. The same can happen in your workplace. Your freedom to choose has a lot of power behind it. Everything you do matters.

I love parallel universe stories and alternate reality "what if" movies. When you stop and think about the decisions you make in your life it will boggle the mind thinking of the multitude of causes and affects that unfold.

The Butterfly Effect 2004

The movie The Butterfly Effect explores the benefits and consequences of making small changes in the past and it's affect on the present and future. In this dark and thought-provoking story Ashton Kutcher plays Evan who has the mental ability to go back into his past.

Evan tries to make changes in his childhood that would improve or save the lives of friends and loved ones suffering in the present. But each change he makes at pivotal points in his young life creates more problems when he returns to the present time.

The irony of these alternate timelines in the story is that the movie itself has 4 different endings. There is a different ending depending on where you saw the film around the world or if you’ve seen the director's cut.

NOTE: I highly suggest you see the film first BEFORE seeing the YouTube links below. And let me know which ending you prefer.

1) See: Original ending 1

2) See: Alternate ending 2

3) See: Alternate ending 3

4) See: Alternate ending 4 Director’s Cut

Let this movie and it's alternate endings inspire and remind you how unique and powerful your choices can be. Everything you do has a ripple affect to your future and others around you in the workplace and your personal life. Remember that whatever you choose will always have benefits and consequences.

And learn to take responsibility for all your actions and non-actions. Do your best to be accountable for everything you say and do. The courage you have in doing this will ultimately fill you with confidence for the life you create for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great movie!
I've seen the first ending, the original one I believe.

I agree with the chaos theory. Besides, in our daily life we take actions every minute, and I think the universe itself is too big for our understanding. I think it's true that everything we do affects others, but we´re not concious of that. If we were, we would do things differently.

It seems to me, that sometimes we act thinking first, on ourselves, and then in everyone else. That makes us forget that we live in a world shared for millions of people; that we're not alone in this life.

I think Global world wants us to think that we can do everything on our own. But we can't. We, Humans, have to interect with others all the time.

So, if you thing, first of all, in others welbeing, you will feel inner peace, and be more happy. Just give it a try.

This remindes me of another movie, you surelly know: "Pay it forward".

It's true that everyting we do affects others. So why don't we give some greater meaning to our actions?


Candice Frederick said...

I actually didn't like this movie, but your review was very interesting. I definitely agree that your actions do dictate the course your lifecan take. It's interesting to see how one small actiong can twigger a butterfly effect.