Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tip#264: 5 Empowering Lessons - Star Trek 2009

A pop culture phenomenon can stand the test of time because of the strong values they embody. The Star Trek franchise is one of these and many people around the world achieved careers inspired by the original TV show. See tip#60, Favourite TV Shows Inspires Careers.

I also wrote about how visionary the show was for demonstrating a synergistic work environment among the crew of the USS Enterprise. This is a great inspiration for improving any organization's workplace. See tip#150.

My excitement for the new Star Trek movie applies to multiple levels of motivating messages and pure cinematic entertainment. Here are 5 empowering lessons.

1) Take Command

As I wrote in tip#255, a young James T. Kirk inspires to bring out the leadership qualities within you. He doesn't believe in the no-win scenario. That mindset can help increase your confidence, perseverance and for taking action.

2) Balance Heart and Mind

Spock learns to balance his emotions with his logical mind because he is half Vulcan and half human. This is a powerful metaphor and mirror for you to do the same. Mastering your thoughts and feelings leads to affective problem solving and a satisfying life.

3) Teamwork/Team Spirit

The crew of the USS Enterprise is a great role model for teamwork and team spirit. The crew shows a wide diversity of age, cultural diversity and skill sets.
They can inspire the workplace for demonstrating tolerance, respect and synergistic achievements.

4) Optimistic Future

Thanks to creator Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek always represented an optimistic future for mankind. In his future the people of Earth learned to live together eliminating war and poverty. The focus was about personal development and exploring new worlds and new civilizations. This vision allows you to visualize an optimistic future and something to look forward to.

5) Positive Emotional Energy

This movie is filled with exciting audio/visual stimuli and falls into the category of a great popcorn movie experience. It fills you with positive emotional energy even if you are not a fan of Star Trek. And if you are a fan then the power of nostalgia can energize your thoughts and feelings even higher.

So remember that your favourite movies can help energize your spirit. They are much more than just entertainment. If you look carefully there are lessons and messages in these films that can help you get unstuck in your life, career or workplace.

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Head Health Nut said...

Nice post and great movie review, Emmanuel. I SO want to see the new Star Trek movie, now.

Love how you point out so many positive messages in the movie.

And what a fantastic category you've created: great popcorn movie experience. :)

Head Health Nut

El Mostro said...

Excellent! Muy bueno Emmanuel.