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Tip#263: What Is The Secret To Life? – Last Holiday

Unexpected change and crisis are not pleasant experiences. But how you react to it can actually feel good once you develop the mindset for staying and feeling positive.

I recently wrote in tip#260 how the month of May had an unusually high number of business opportunities that fell through. This continued through into the first week of June. These situations could easily cause anyone stress, worry or fear. But what got me through was my optimistic mindset for staying absolutely confident.

How I accomplished that was to believe more opportunities were coming and to keep enjoying life. That kept my positive emotional energy flowing. I did things I loved like read my favourite magazines, eat foods I loved, see exciting movies and have great conversations with supportive friends and colleagues. I kept my bucket filled with a buffet of positive energy. (more about filling your bucket in tip#150)

Last Holiday (2006)

There is a movie that celebrates the secret to living life called Last Holiday starring Queen Latifah as Georgia Bird. In the story Georgia is diagnosed with a terminal disease and decides to spend all her savings living out her passions and dreams.

She flies to a grand hotel in Europe and treats herself to fine dining, pampers herself daily in a spa and does base jumping for the first time. Despite her personal crisis she indulged in activities she had deprived herself from experiencing. Georgia discovers that these activities made her feel truly alive and confident. Her character is a wonderful example of a woman determined to be courageous and improve the quality of her life!

Inspiring Themes:
• Courage
• Having a Vision
• Creative Visualization
• Following a Passion
• Persistence & Perseverance
• Resilience
• Leadership
• Career Transitions
• Supportive Relationships
• Indestructible Optimism

The dining scenes are also tantalizing and delicious looking! While others were ordering dishes with dietary substitutions Georgia was ordering every dish exactly as they were meant to be served. This attracts the attention of the chef, played by Gerard Depardieu, and they become fast friends. He later shares this comment with her:

"You and I, we know the secret to life. It's butter."

This is a beautiful metaphor for living joyfully and I believe the secret to life is doing what you love with people you love. Though also remember that too much of anything, like butter, is not good for anyone. What is important is that you live life consciously of whatever makes you feel good and do it in moderation. This also keeps your positive emotional energy flowing in challenging times.

Be more aware of your favourite foods and personal interests that excite you. Make plans for trying new activities you've only been dreaming about. Be open to meeting new people that encourage and support who you truly are.

Hopefully you never have to face a life crisis to start doing things you've been depriving yourself of doing. Be inspired to expand your buffet of choices in activities that make you feel good. That will give you the strength and confidence to face whatever life unexpectedly brings you.

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting that I just watched this movie again this week. I have always enjoyed it and there are also other positive lessons to be learned from the other characters as well. I loved her splurging and her getting the taste of letting go to enjoy life with complete abandonment of financial inhibition. I also loved the ending, fullfilling her culinary passion.

And the life changes to the other characters were funny too (buddhist,investigator etc.)