Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tip#267: Live Life Right Now - Passengers

At this very moment I am sipping on a delicious vanilla bean latte letting the creamy aroma and taste fill me with positive emotional energy. I do this despite the personal turmoil and angst I've been feeling.

I acknowledge these heavy feelings and yet allow myself to feel the sunshine on my face and it's caressing warmth during the walk to and from the coffee shop this morning. I said thank you to the blowing breeze that seemed to give me a comforting hug.

After several months now I finally recognize I've been in a process of unearthing. I've been very focused on 2 factors: researching the subconscious AND decluttering my space. They are both extremely interconnected and will explain more about each as I progress on this new emotional journey. I already started with tip#262: Learn To Let Go.

A lot of heavy emotions are being stirred up as I clear my space of over 2 decades of piled-up business paperwork, old magazines, personal documents, etc. Thankfully I have friends like my "money guru" who is reminding me to ENJOY this process of clearing. He reminded me to stay in the moment and FEEL GOOD about letting go. I must stay in the present as I shred reminders of my old life.


Synchronicity has been highly active during this current process of letting go and I was compelled to see the movie Passengers starring Anne Hathaway. The story is about a grief counselor working with a group of plane-crash survivors. One man is oddly in a state of joy about his life-changing ordeal.

He later explains that this traumatic experience helped him re-evaluate priorities in his life. He realized his job was meaningless and pursues activities that he always wanted to do. Throughout the movie other wonderful messages about living life to the fullest unfold towards a powerful, paradigm-shaking conclusion.

In the end the lesson is to focus on fully living your life right now. Enjoy being in the moment even though there are unpleasant events or situations weighing you down. Acknowledge your heavy thoughts and feelings and then do something uplifting to move through them.

You can do this by not holding yourself back in your life and just treat yourself to something that will fill you with positive emotional energy. Treat yourself to a favourite coffee or tea. Enjoy a delicious meal.

Feel how good the sun or breeze feels upon your skin. Spend quality time with good friends and family. Savoring each moment of your life is the fuel that will automatically help you move forward.

Emmanuel Lopez-Motivatorman
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2009


Anonymous said...

That was another brilliant post Emmanuel and ties in a bit with what happened to me at the weekend. I was feeling a bit down for various reasons and had no motivation to do everything I wanted to that day when I remembered your post from a little while ago. You said how important it is to do something that makes you happy even if it appears to be an indulgence that has no value. So I took your advice and put on a episode of one of my favourite shows from a while back (Ally McBeal!!). As soon as I heard the opening theme music, my feelings completely lifted, and after watching the episode I was on a high for the rest of a day. It really had such an amazing effect. I went from having no energy to wanting to bounce down the street! I got so much more accomplished and I felt so much happier. So Emmanuel, I just want to say - thank you, thank you, thank you! I don't know if you always see it, but I can vouch that you really are making a difference. Thanks again, Vicki, UK

Simon Proops said...

Thanks Emmanuel for an uplifting blog. Life is all about slowing down and savouring the small victories. My wife and I have been putting off doing some odd jobs to the house, such as installing some Ikea bookshelves, repainting the bathroom, etc. Once we got down to it and stopped procrastinating it went very smoothly. Sometimes doing something to add to the beauty of life around you is it's own reward.
Enjoy the summer!

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hello Vicki and Simon,

Thank you so much for posting your positive and supportive comments. You both made my day reminding me that I am making a difference for my readers. Your comments meant a lot to me.