Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tip#1012: Heartwarming TV Christmas Movies, Part 2

It’s been five days since I had an emergency tooth extraction and have been resting indoors. I’ve just been focused on healing ASAP so I can enjoy eating again! I was in a bit of shock when I realized I fractured a tooth that couldn't be saved but it gave me time to start listening to my new audio book version of Loveability by Dr. Robert Holden. As I mentioned in tip#1010 his insights have helped me make positive changes in my health and wellness, career and relationships.

Also, in my down time, I’ve been watching many Hallmark made-for-TV Christmas movies that helped distract me from the pain of my extracted molar. It always amazes me how these charming and cheesy romantic chick flicks lighten my mood and put me in a Christmas spirit! Here are six films I recommend…

Borrowed Hearts (1997)
This isn't a Hallmark movie but a close friend recommended this hidden gem from the late 90’s and there are moments that touched my heart and made me cry. Plus I loved seeing Roma Downey whom I’ve loved since seeing the Touched By An Angel TV series. See: full movie

Finding Christmas (2013)
I watched this again since mentioning it three years ago in tip#716. Tricia Helfer’s character says some profoundly spiritual lines while country star TJ Hodges singing of Joy To The World always lifts me up. See: movie trailer
See JT Hodges performing "Joy to the World": movie clip

Journey Back to Christmas (2016)
I initially wanted to see this because it had a time travel theme but then got drawn into the characters and lessons they all learned from a woman transported from the WW II era to 2016. See: movie trailer

Christmas in Homestead (2016)
This reminded of the Notting Hill movie which is a favourite of mine! I instantly had a crush on actress Katrina Norman who plays Zoe! See: movie trailer

Christmas Cookies (2016)
Watching this really made me hungry for Christmas cookies! Make sure you have some around when you see this. I need to find some homemade shortbread cookies later today! See: movie trailer

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2008)
This was a real hidden gem with great, hilarious and engaging performances by the entire cast like Brooke Burns, Warren Christie and Henry Winkler! See: movie trailer

There are so many made-for-TV Christmas movies to enjoy from over the years. Hallmark puts out about a dozen each year starting in November so there will always be an overflowing supply of uplifting, romantic, sugary films to put you in the Christmas spirit. And if you know someone with the holiday blues just recommend a favourite holiday film to cheer them up!

If you have any made-for-tv Christmas movies to recommend please let me know!

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