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Tip#1010: Health & Wellness for the Holidays - Love the Coopers

For the past week the dark cloud of clinical depression has lifted and I’ve been feeling like my old self again! My focus and concentration has increased and my whole inner operating system feels like it’s back online with upgrades! I definitely felt it’s because of specific areas of therapy I’ve been focused on.

The amazing results of following this regiment are how good I felt daily at work and at recent social events. I felt more present and more authentic with whoever I was meeting because I wasn't pretending or hiding my mental health challenges I’ve learned to do so well for many years.

a. Rhythmical Massage Therapy (see Elias Abdel Ahad)
b. Guided Meditations daily (Future Self technique see tip#759 and listen to Future Self Meditation by Holly Higgins)
c. Self Acceptance/Love Exercises daily (Loveability book by Dr. Robert Holden)
d. Physical Exercise
e. Cinema Therapy: My own resources

a. Increased water 1 to 2 litres daily
b. Paleo Diet (lowering grain foods while increasing vegetables, fruits, meats and fish)
c. Supplements (Krill oil)

a. Attending special events and parties
b. Face-to-Face meetings
c. Meeting new friends and catching up with old friends

Daniel McDonough, Dining Room Manager & Sommelier of The Boulevard Club and Jody Ness, TV host of Wine Portfolio and Wildfire Steakhouse owner

David Grossman, Mortgage Agent and host of The Mensch Life Show

I’ve met some amazing new people like Daniel McDonough, Dining Room Manager & Sommelier of The Boulevard Club and Jody Ness, TV host of Wine Portfolio and Wildfire Steakhouse owner. I learned a lot from them at the Vinho Verde wine tasting dinner at The Boulevard Club along with my pal, David Grossman, Mortgage Agent and host of The Mensch Life Show.

Barbara Spurll, CAPIC Toronto Chapter President and Illustrator

The next night I was at the CAPIC Xmas Party, the union I was with when I was a full time illustrator called Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators. There I reconnected with the Toronto Chapter President and amazing portrait illustrator Barbara Spurll. I also met photographer James William Dawson who took a great photo of me after I won a door prize of a Lula Lounge dinner & show for two plus Salsa dance lessons!

Laural Carr, Creative Director & Owner, Impagination Inc., Jeff Ekstein, President & CEO of Willow Printing Group, Carly Silberstein, CEO of Redstone Event & Association Management

Lynda Mullen, Accounts Manager, C.J.Graphics Inc.

The 3rd night after that I attended the famous C.J. Graphics Xmas Party & Open House that was overflowing with delicious foods and drink and enjoyable social atmosphere. I enjoyed the festive event with many close friends that included my social media client Laural Carr, Creative Director & Owner of Impagination Inc. who introduced me to the wonderful Carly Silberstein, CEO of Redstone Event & Association Management and her father Jeff Ekstein, President & CEO of Willow Printing Group.

All these events put me in a real Christmas mood because I loved meeting all these great people who all appreciated the work I was doing in the Health & Wellness field as a motivational speaker and blogger sharing my creative coping methods like cinema to empower and inspire. This leads me to share a new holiday favourite I recently discovered. It didn’t get great reviews but for me it was part of my movie therapy and it immediately re-energized my spirit and warmed my heart when I saw it!

Love the Coopers (2016)

The Christmas comedy film, Love the Coopers, is about what happens when four generations of the Cooper clan come together for their annual Christmas Eve celebration. This wonderful movie features hilarious scenes, heartwarming relationships and timeless holiday reminders of the festive season. This film stars Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Amanda Seyfried, Ed Helms, Marisa Tomei, Anthony Mackie and Olivia Wilde. See: movie trailer

I was so surprised I missed this film when it was released and yet that is part of the magic of cinema where the perfect movie falls right into your lap at the exact time you need it most for inspiration and motivation. Each member of the Cooper family has a heartfelt story which leads to emotional scenes demonstrating the positive and negative factors of family getting together during the holidays.

In the end this film proves yet again that the best therapy is embracing a sense of family and the love and support you can receive from people who believe in you. I hope this is destined to be a holiday classic so I highly recommend you check this out and let me know what you think.

If you are dealing with health and wellness challenges during the holidays I wish you all the love and support you can find. Remember to be open to all types of therapies and solutions and that you can always give yourself a movie prescription to empower yourself. And always remember to be open to the unexpected family and friends, both old and new, that can lift your spirits whenever you need a smile!

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