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Tip#1000: The Uplifting Power of Cinema – Celebrating 1,000 Movie Tips & In the Film song

As of this writing it was 10 years ago when I started writing this movie blog to document my passion for cinema and the ups and downs of my life journey! And on this 1,000th post I am celebrating all the life lessons I’ve learned from movies and sharing it with readers around the world to help them persevere in their own struggles with difficult times or depression.

What I am most grateful for is how cathartic and healing it has been writing this blog twice a week. The clinical depression symptoms I experience are unpredictable for when they arise or for how long they last. And so I’ve learned that applying my creative talents makes me feel better whether I am writing, drawing, photographing, composing music or creating powerpoint presentations for my motivational talks. Somehow applying my creative skills alleviates mental pain and allows me to focus, feel good and be extremely productive.

This means that I have several decades worth of writing, illustrations, photos and music that people have not yet seen or heard. My dream is to someday share these works with the world because I believe they can be uplifting for others as much as they have uplifted myself in dark times. So this anniversary compelled me to share one of the first songs I composed, performed and recorded 25 years ago in 1991 called “In the Film”.

In the Film song (1991)

My “In the Film” song was written during a time when clinical depression was slowly seeping into my life. You can actually see it in the lyrics and tone of the song. Thankfully I intuitively knew that using my creative skills made me feel much better. And then over the years this song would comfort me like a warm blanket whenever I felt lost, alone or hopeless. I was then inspired to create a 4 minute movie montage to feature the song so it could reach others also dealing with depression.

Please check out my video! And if you know a friend, co-worker, loved one or family member going through a difficult time please share this video: Click here or video below

Producing this movie montage was a labor of love! I featured clips from over 25 movies that have saved my life many times over the years. Envisioning the project, organizing and editing helped me feel fantastic, joyful, positive and optimistic and I injected these feelings into the spirit of the video. Here are the names and time codes to the specific film clips featured in the movie montage…

List of Movie Clips:

0:00 Groundhog Day
0:09 Notting Hill
0:14 The Twilight Saga: New Moon
0:24 It’s a Wonderful Life
0:29 Jerry Maguire
0:33 The Artist
0:38 The Purple Rose of Cairo
0:48 The Majestic
0:52 Cinema Paradiso
0:55 Bowfinger
0:57 It’s a Wonderful Life
1:00 The Notebook
1:02 Groundhog Day
1:04 The Purple Rose of Cairo
1:07 The Artist
1:11 The Purple Rose of Cairo
1:14 Blazing Saddles
1:18 Saving Mr. Banks
1:20 The Purple Rose of Cairo
1:22 Cinema Paradiso
1:28 Mr. Bean’s Holiday
1:29 Hugo
1:33 Catch Me If You Can
1:38 The Public Eye
1:43 Be Kind Rewind
1:53 The Twilight Saga: New Moon
1:57 The Majestic
2:02 Cinema Paradiso
2:14 The Purple Rose of Cairo
2:18 Simone (S1m0ne)
2:21 Saving Mr. Banks
2:25 Amélie
2:28 The Majestic
2:34 The Purple Rose of Cairo
2:36 Hugo
2:44 Amélie
2:46 Saving Mr. Banks
2:49 The Purple Rose of Cairo
2:51 Bowfinger
2:53 Femme Fatale
2:56 The Artist
2:58 Captain America: The First Avenger
3:00 Cinema Paradiso
3:03 The Artist
3:06 The Green Mile
3:14 Bowfinger
3:17 Simone (S1m0ne)
3:22 Notting Hill
3:25 The Notebook
3:30 Get Shorty
3:36 Leon
3:41 The Shawshank Redemption
3:46 Hugo
3:50 The Artist
3:53 Bowfinger
3:55 Sullivan’s Travels
3:58 Cinema Paradiso
4:01 A Good Year
4:13 It’s a Wonderful Life
4:15 Groundhog Day
4:17 Cinema Paradiso
4:21 The Majestic
4:27 The Purple Rose of Cairo

Whether it is called movie therapy, art therapy or by any other name I encourage you to explore your own creative skills and talents for helping you cope with depression or difficult times. Utilizing your creativity and doing something positive from the negatives you experience is the silver lining of adversities! You will be making lemonade out of lemons and you will feel good in the process. This is how you re-energize yourself and how you can activate indestructible optimism!

P.S. A big thank you to two friends that encouraged me to start this blog: Bill Sweetman of Name Ninja and photographer Derek Lang. You are such awesome friends and supporters!

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Scully Love Promo said...

What a terrific blog post to celebrate your 1,000th movie tip! Congratulations!! You're amazing Emmanuel and incredibly gifted when it comes to creativity; it seeems there's nothing you can't do (writing, painting, illustration, recording music, singing...)! I'm sure that your blog has touched and helped the lives of many who suffer from depression. I know it has cheered me up many, many times. Thank you so much for all you do! With gratitude, respect and friendship, Christine xox

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Thanks so much Christine for your congrats and ongoing support! It's readers and fans like you that helped me through difficult times and to continue blogging! You have a big heart! Thank you again.


Anonymous said...

happy 1000th!

Derek Lang

Anonymous said...

Great video Eman to mark your 1000th tip. What a celebration of cinema - vintage theatres, iconic stars and classic movies we love. Your heartfelt song worked very well with the visuals and gathered momentum as it moved along. Very emotive!! Thanks for that.

Hartley S

Anonymous said...

Well Done !!! Congratulations. !!!

Larry Gilman

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Emmanuel! What a wonderful blog post and such a beautiful montage of film clips that go truly so well with your lovely song ❤. You have come so far and I feel that you do indeed help many people, not only with your creativity and life experience, but with your iridescent, beautiful soul ❤. I am so happy you are part of my universe ❤.

Yvonne B

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! So great! : )

Cynthia Benedek Sanchez

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful Eman -- nice work! Huge job to put together so many images & get the flow working. Well done.


J. Whitcher

Anonymous said...

If only life gently moved as in the movies and played out in music's warm embrace.... if only,

Emmanuel thank you, my friend.

Karen Shapiro Cilevitz
Councillor - Ward 5
Richmond Hill, Ontario