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Tip#539: Passion, Synchronicities & Making Soulful Connections - Rick Springfield – An Affair of the Heart

When I started writing this movie blog back in 2006 it was partly because I wanted to document and share the many profound synchronicities I experienced on a regular basis. They were always chance encounters or situations that instantly propelled my life, career and business forward AND they were like pivotal scenes right out of a movie!

The Hot Docs Documentary Festival is currently on this week in Toronto and my friend (Karen Beach of Ptah Design Inc.) invited me to see a movie without telling me what it was. When she arrived she was with David Dean the editor of the movie we were about to see. It was a documentary of 80's pop star Rick Springfield and it was David’s first feature. He was so down to earth and humble and I felt we bonded over our shared passion for films.

The director Sylvia Caminer and one of the stars, Laurie Bennett, then arrived and Karen introduced me to both of them. They both had beautiful energy! And what I loved about meeting all 3 of these people is once I told them I wrote a blog on movies that motivate they instantly loved my approach. They all said their movie would be perfect for my blog and I had a very strong feeling they were right! See: movie trailer

An Affair of the Heart 2012

The documentary An Affair of the Heart is about Grammy winning musician, songwriter, actor and New York Times best-selling author Rick Springfield and his loyal and passionate fan base. The film reveals many powerful insights and stories that are so universal to the human spirit that you will become an instant fan of Springfield for helping create community through his music.

Key motivating factors presented in this film:

• How passion (and nostalgia) can re-ignite positive emotional energy
• The joy of making like-minded connections
• The healing, rejuvenating power of music
• Persevering through depression
• The power of synchronicity

The most powerful fan story features Laurie Bennett who had to endure a painful, debilitating heart surgery in her early teens. A Rick Springfield album had synchronistically came into her life and she listened to his music every single day. She says his music helped heal her during the most painful time of her life.

Many years later Laurie got the chance to read a thank you letter to Springfield in person. Springfield was deeply moved and that magical moment is shown through photos taken by Laurie's husband. Laurie said that profound moment helped her release anger about the heart surgery she'd been holding onto for years.

The next day Laurie and her husband was at the airport on their way home when they found out Springfield was also there. His flight had been delayed and he was desperate to get to the funeral service of his surrogate mother. Synchronistically they were both heading in the same direction. With her husband's consent Laurie arranged with the airline to give Springfield her husband's ticket. Springfield reluctantly accepted and he arrived exactly when the funeral service commenced. As for Laurie she got to sit next to Springfield on the plane and bond as two human beings who simply helped one another in their time of need.


I thoroughly enjoyed the movie on so many levels and all I kept thinking about was I needed to see this film again! To the thrill of the audience (and me!) Springfield showed up at the end of the screening to answer questions. He looked amazing at the age of 62! Later Karen and I were invited to go out for drinks with the filmmakers Sylvia, David and Laurie.

I was absolutely thrilled to be sitting next to Laurie and hear more about her experiences and passion for Springfield’s music. It not only healed her it connected her to other like-minded people who shared her passion. We then bonded over the healing power of movies and how she loved my service for providing movie prescriptions for people going through difficult times.

It was also exciting to share my enthusiasm for the movie to the editor David and the director Sylvia. I knew this incredible movie could inspire people who were not necessarily Springfield fans and I offered to help promote it on my social media channels. They were all very grateful for my offer and I just felt a deep bond being created between heart-based people. And ironically these like-minded connections are what the film celebrated!

Share Your Passion With Others

Sharing a passion is amazing because it can magnetize you to new friends and experiences. And when you are open to synchronicity you are open to magical circumstances that can feel profound and even divinely guided. Sharing your passion can lead to making soulful connections that can become a source of happiness, comfort and inspiration. And isn't that what we all desire?

If you read this in time you can see a final screening of An Affair of the Heart at Hot Docs, Thursday, May 3rd, 6:30pm. See Details

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Sylvia Caminer said...

Wow what a fabulous blog! I absolutely LOVE the way you come at movies and find synchronicity and positive attributes. It was a real pleasure getting to spend some time with you and I look forward to continuing to follow your blog.

Look forward to seeing you at the Cumberland tomorrow night. We will all have to go out afterwards

David Dean said...

Thank you so much, Emmanuel, for your unique take on our movie. I could tell you liked it when we met, but your articulation on WHY you liked it, in context of your inspiring blog, convinces me that we really have made something special.

I happily have a new bookmark!

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Many thanks Sylvia! I am honored that you appreciated my take on your outstanding documentary! So many people can be inspired by the movie's messages. I look forward to staying in touch with you!


Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hi David,

It was my pleasure! As the film's editor you helped create an amazing journey for the audience so I was able to FEEL the documentary's heartfelt messages!

And I'm happy you will explore my movie blog more! I look forward to staying in touch with you too!


Marc Oromaner said...

Hey Motivatorman, my superhero ID is the Layman, and I believe we are in the same superhero league! Like you, I also write about the hidden messages in movies, specifically, using TV shows and movies to help uncover our destiny. Funny that we both started writing in 2006 and we both recently wrote about The Wizard of Oz. More synchronicities I suppose. The Myth in Movies section of my blog is posted here:
And for the record, I'm still a fan of Rick Springfield's music. "Love Somebody" is one of my favorite 80s songs.

Keep enlightening with your shamanic superpowers!

Marc Oromaner AKA The Layman

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

Hi Marc, fellow superhero!

Thanks for your message and look forward to checking out your movie blog! I love your energy already!