Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tip#543: Passion & Perseverance, Part 2 – The Natural, Director's Cut

Recently I got a sore throat that led to a cold sapping most of my energy for a week. I persevered and was able to still be productive. I also believed that symbolically I was clearing some negative issues around my throat and voice because I began to speak my mind directly to people that were unfairly attacking my values and point-of-views. All this despite having a cold!

Whether it was face-to-face or via email messages, I was communicating clearly and confidently. It was exhilarating each and every time! I did not allow anyone to sway me from what I was passionate about or what I believed. My passion fueled my ability to remain true to myself!

The Natural: Director's Cut 1984

The movie The Natural is about Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford) who has amazing "natural" baseball talent throughout a career of great successes and suffering. At age 19, after granted a tryout by the Chicago Cubs as a pitcher, he demonstrates his amazing talent which threatens other people. Hobbs immediately suffers a shocking attack that renders his dream of playing dormant for years.

Hobbs proves his passion and perseverance by playing professional baseball again at age 35 for The New York Knights. Despite more challenges from people around him Hobbs stays focused and confident to create magical events through his astounding hitting and pitching. He may veer off track at one point but with the help of a good person Hobbs finds his center in his heart and passion for baseball.

Do your best to remain true to yourself whenever someone tries to shut you down or convince you of something you are not. You have the ability to energize your confidence when you stay connected to your passion. And when situations get tough you can use that passion energy to help you persevere!

"You gotta develop yourself. The secret is confidence and concentration. You got them you don't need much else."
The Natural (1984)

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