Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tip#542: Passion & The Test of Time - The Five-Year Engagement

Part of the reason why I recently had the most amazing week of my life (see tip#541) was this epic 6 hour lunch I had with a woman I really liked. We had so much in common and there was a lot of affectionate hand-holding. It felt like a dream come true. And then when she mentioned the man she was seeing I did my best to contain the shock on my face!

Regardless of that unexpected news, my indestructible optimism kicked in and I just focused on the positives. Here was a beautiful, smart, gracious, positive woman who wanted to spend 6 hours with me. We also shared an enthusiastic passion for movies and personal development. The universe was giving me proof that elements of my dream woman does exist! So I decided to just enjoy being in the moment. Only time will tell whether there is some kind of lasting passion to fuel this relationship.

The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

The romantic comedy The Five-year Engagement is about Tom (Jason Segal) proposing to Violet (Emily Blunt) and how events keep tripping up their plans to get married over several years. The producers of Bridesmaids also did this film so that will give you an idea of how raunchy some the humour is. The situations and the supporting cast were hilarious! And yet the film clearly communicates how true passion can ride out any life challenges and keep people together.

I am so happy and grateful I have friends that have stood by me through thick and thin over the years. There is passion in these friendships and this strong love makes the journey so much enjoyable and fun. These soulful connections are what I've also strived for with clients and business colleagues. I want my life AND career to be full of passion!

Do you have passionate, invigorating relationships in your life, career or workplace? If you identify a few you can count on in difficult times then celebrate these special people. Your journey to making dreams and goals come true will taste sweeter sharing it with soulful, caring people!

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