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Tip#538: Unleash Your Inner Strength & Voice – The Mastery of Self Expression – 4 Movie Tips

This month I am celebrating a 2-year anniversary of receiving a big gift right after I claimed bankruptcy, lost my home and purged most of my worldly possessions. I was invited to participate in the 2 and 1/2 day intensive workshop called The Mastery of Self Expression. This workshop saved my crushed spirit on so many levels and it feels fantastic to look back at this turning point in my life! Read more on Tip#351

I am posting this the morning that I am assisting in another Mastery workshop here in Toronto facilitated by the great Larry Gilman and my friend and colleague Tammy Cunningham. It feels so good to give back and help this new group of individuals needing help to unleash their true voice. For you to get an idea of the life-changing benefits of this workshop I will share 4 movies that relate to the power of The Mastery experience.

Peaceful Warrior 2006
Movie Tip: Be guided by wise facilitators and coaches
The movie hero Dan (Dan Millman) is guided by an enigmatic and enlightened gas station attendant named Socrates (Nick Nolte) to let go of old ways of thinking. Dan learns how to achieve his dreams and goals by surrendering and trusting in Socrates' teachings and unusual exercises.

Eat Pray Love 2010
Movie Tip: Purge in order to move forward
The movie hero Liz (Julia Roberts) discovers that purging her life of unwanted relationships, money, belongings and home was necessary in order for her to move forward. Major clearing was the ultimate way for her to find true inner peace, the relationship she desired and the happiness she was seeking.

The Karate Kid 1984 & 2010
Movie Tip: Trust in unusual self-development processes
The young movie heroes of both versions of this film, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) in the original and Tre (Jaden Smith) in the latest each go through tasks that seem like mundane chores e.g. "wax on wax off". They later discover that they were experiencing a transformative self-development process that brought out their inner strengths and honed new skill sets.

The King's Speech 2010
Movie Tip: Find courage for positive change; Trust in a coach and facilitator
King George VI (Colin Firth) finds the courage to trust in the unorthodox healing methods of his speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). Together they persevere to breakthrough old mindsets preventing the King from fully expressing himself, his voice and his greatness.

If you find yourself lost and feeling hopeless remember that there are experts and personal development programs that can help re-ignite your soul. Your inner strength and voice of greatness is somewhere inside you. Find the guidance today that will empower you to unleash your true greatness for all the world to see AND benefit from!

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Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the Mastery of self Expression for anyone but especially for those that feel stuck! I was a part of the weekends workshop and I am so grateful for you for introducing me to it.

Thank you,