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Tip#533: 15 Inspiring Movies For Difficult Times – Pecha Kucha Night

In October 2010, during my financial and life crisis I was going through, I gave a presentation called 15 Movies That Saved My Life This Year. It was in a format called Pecha Kucha where I showed 20 slides and had only 20 seconds for each.

Recently I did my 3rd Pecha Kucha presentation and this time I shared movies that helped save OTHER people’s lives in some way. See: Video

Here is the list:

1) Rudy 1993
Emmanuel Lopez (Author, Speaker, Movie Blogger) -- This movie helped him maintain his passion and perseverance through bankruptcy, losing home and business.

2) Rocky 3 1982
Paul Kyriazi (Author, Film Director) -- This movie and theme song "Eye of the Tiger" and its lyrics helped him survive financial crisis.

3) Citizen Kane 1941
Manny the Movie Guy (Film Critic) – He sees a lot of films. This classic helps him re-ignite his cinematic soul after seeing too many horrible movies.

4) Field of Dreams 1989
Shawne Duperon (Media Expert) -- Whenever she feels scared in life she'll watch this movie and listen to soundtrack to give her courage.

5) A Beautiful Mind 2001
Barry Shainbaum (Author, Speaker & Photographer) -- He has overcome bipolar mental disorder and seeing this film is like seeing an old friend in John Nash.

6) October Sky 1999
Homer Hickam (NASA Scientist) – The real person featured in this film (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) recommends this movie for showing great leadership.

7) Amazing Grace 2006
Richard Crouse (Film Critic) -- He says he's not an obvious guy so this choice for showing great leadership in movies is not obvious like a war or high school teacher film.

8) The Matrix 1999
Tony Hsieh (Best Selling Author, CEO of Zappos) -- This is his choice for great leadership in movies where Morpheus allows Neo to learn for himself.

9) The Shawshank Redemption 1994
Rupinder Nagra (Actor in Amal movie) -- His choice for great leadership in movies because of its theme of hope.

10) Overboard 1987
Reese Witherspoon (Actress) -- At 84th Academy Awards she shared this movie as her favourite to inspire her.

11) Bloodsport 1988
Patrick Bizindavyi (Business Coach) -- This movie helped him maintain his positivity during time of massacres in Africa like in the film Hotel Rwanda. He had lost family, friends and schoolmates.

12) We Are Family 2010
Lynn Manwar (Wellness Detective) -- This Bollywood movie helped her trust in universe as she deals with cancer and chemotherapy for second time.

13) Eat Pray Love 2010
Kathryn Rae Furrow (Actor, Producer) -- She was going through an abusive relationship when a friend got her to watch his film. This movie helped her cry and cry and release the pain she had inside.

14) The Color Purple 1985
Ann McDonald (Writer) -- She has seen this movie over 100 times and it inspires her through adversities like health conditions.

15) Happy Feet 2006
Robin Noble (Travel & Wellness Consultant) -- She overcame a devastating car accident, shattering her bones and needed to learn how to walk and talk again. This movie inspired her to find her rhythm again like the movie hero Mumbles.

You Are Not Alone

I am honored to personally know all of these amazing individuals (I hope to meet Reese Witherspoon on day) and feel all their stories and movie recommendations can help you face your own challenges like financial, health or other forms of crisis. Their stories are here to let you know that you are not alone in the problems you face.

If you are inspired by any of these movie titles I highly recommend you see them today. They may be the perfect movie prescriptions to help whatever ails you.

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best life said...

thanks for the video . 2010 was really a bad year in terms of finance and employment .

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