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Tip#536: 4 Inspiring Movies to Celebrate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and I have 2 friends who are having birthdays too so it is a triple celebration! One of those friends is someone I do regular movie nights with where we celebrate a shared passion for movies, delicious home cooked meals and friendship.

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide and is an opportunity for each of us to become more conscious of what we can do for our ailing environment.

Here are 4 movies to inspire you:

Avatar 2009

In the mid-22nd century, humans are mining a precious metal on a moon in another star system called Pandora. They run into conflict with the native inhabitants called the Na'vi who are spiritually connected to the land and all other beings on their world. The film is a powerful mirror for the slow destruction of our own planet and a lesson in living more in harmony with our remaining resources.

Wall-E 2008

 In the future where there are no people left on the planet, a little robot named WALL-E is seen cleaning up a waste-covered Earth. He falls in love with another robot named EVE visiting Earth and follows her into outer space. His adventure helps change the destiny of humanity. This animated film is a mirror for how much waste we produce and our over consumption that is causing environmental damage.

The Day the Earth Stood Still 2008

In this remake, an alien visitor comes to Earth to save the world from humans who are destroying its environment and not able to change its ways. Throughout the story you see how spheres around the world are collecting every animal species like Noah's Ark. The lesson in the film is that humans are capable of great change but only when faced with crisis.

Evan Almighty 2007

In this sequel to Bruce Almighty, God asks Evan to build an ark because a flood is coming. Evan had prayed to God for help because, as a new congressman, he wanted to change the world. God gives him a powerful message that the way to change the world is by doing one Act of Random Kindness (ARK) at a time.

Let Earth Day inspire you to think about what YOU can do to improve our environment and re-vitalize our planet. And if changing the world seems overwhelming then remember the movie message that you can start by doing ONE Act of Random Kindness at a time!

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Candice Frederick said...

oooh i only knew about Avatar. thanks for telling me about these others' awareness of earth day!

Emmanuel Lopez - Motivatorman said...

My pleasure Candice! Both Evan Almighty and Day the Earth Stood Still are very under-rated in my opinion.