Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tip#233: How To Deal With Negative Economic News - Cinderella Man

It's so easy to get stressed by the negative news of the current economy. That's why it is more important than ever to be optimistic in order to persevere.

The key to dealing with the negative news on TV or the newspapers is the same as dealing with the sun. You know the sun is up there so you don't have to look directly at it. Treat the heavy economic news the same way and use your peripheral vision just to acknowledge it is there.

Upside of the Downturn

I was really happy to read the latest cover story of Toronto's NOW Magazine called "Upside of the Downturn" by Alice Klein. It is the best, most positive article I have read since the September 2008 crash and parallels what I am doing to help people build optimistic mindsets. Klein outlines 10 points that will help you see the silver lining of this crisis. Read article: click here

One of the points focuses on supporting one another building a sense of community. Another point involves acknowledging resources that are critical to your personal well-being. Both of these factors are key to increasing your positive emotional energy.

Cinderella Man

One of my favourite movies that inspires perseverance is Cinderella Man. The film can be a model of how to deal with economic stress as it is based on a true story of boxer James Braddock surviving the great depression while supporting his family.

The great depression lasted for many years and this film displays 3 important keys for persevering ANY hardship: Keep your passions alive like the love of family; Maintain a sense of community; And no matter how grim life appears always maintain a positive, optimistic attitude.

So do your best not to dwell on the negative news about the global economy. Treat the news like the sun above and use your peripheral vision to just know it is there. Stay focused on the upside of whatever is in front of you. Remember there is ALWAYS a silver lining in every dark cloud.

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2009


Anonymous said...

This is really cool stuff


Anonymous said...

"I've read the "advice" you posted on your blog and I have to congratulate you for some important, if not crucial ideas you focus there: love of family; sense of community; and optimistic attitute.

You've mentioned something about the news that, in fact, reminded me that they can work like if they're "the world that's been pulled over you're eyes to blind you from the truth". You recognize, for sure, where this come from!"

Filomena G.

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel, Nice blog and I quite agree. It is important to watch the news and at the same time keep things in proportion and focus on the positives.

Regards Stephen

Anonymous said...

Great film. My grandfather gave me some great advice: "perseverence will triumph everything". Challenging to do that with all the dismal news around us. Your post reminded me to keep moving forward.

Anonymous said...

It also helps not to get caught up in all of the negative statistics that the media picks up on. Reading that x% more jobs were lost or whatever the statistic only makes things worse. I wish the media would focus on the positive way more often than they are.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment from I.C. London about the media reporting too much negative. As I point out in my blog, while the real estate industry suffers, the realty associations are the ones providing the negative statistics, but the media keeps churing them out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your words. You have validated my frame of mind: it's so needful to turn down the volume on negativity and turn up the volume on "abundance thinking" and gratitude.
Be well!
Doreen Van Leeuwen, LMFT
Riverside, CA

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel, after reading your blog I started the day with a smile and more optimistic. My favorite and now everyday motivation phrase will be:

"Keep your passions alive like the love of family; Maintain a sense of community; And no matter how grim life appears always maintain a positive, optimistic attitude."

Spot on - I am looking forward to read more.

Robert Z T

Anonymous said...

I visited your thoughts...but most importantly it makes one think. As Theodore Parker rightly said"..."The books that help you the most are those that make you think the most..."

I agree. the idea is to face and acknowledge the reality. Things are negative if we take it that way. Adversity introduces us to our true selves. Hard times have actually made a lot of people better.

People who have been able to find possibilities amidst problems are the ones who make a mark. Walk towards your fears rather than running away from them.

Vijai P.
Delhi Area, India

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the motivational tip on the economy. I am going to share it with my reps.

- Mayda S.C.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts.

However, the best defense is a good offense as well. Those who are solely focused on building better relationships without realizing they need to prepare for a long recession and how to handle that with your family, extended family, community and friends are like the grasshopper in the story of the Grasshopper and the Ant.

Now is the time to make a difference not monetarily, but first Spiritually, mentally, physically and last financially.

Ted L.

Anonymous said...

No matter what is going on they are certain trues that ALWAYS to life of each of us and have the ability of making us happy... NO MATTER WHAT... for those who have thoses trues keep enjoying them... for those who have not YET maybe it is good time to find them...

I liked Emmanuel challenge and Ted comment!

Marco C.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Emmanuel,

There is no greater time than right now that we need positive, encouraging and empowering message about what is real instead of doom and gloom. Thank you for the blog article.

Njideka "Queen of StressFree Living" Olatunde
Washington DC

Championyourworks said...

Stop worrying about it, The economy is going to do what the economy is going to do any where. In the famous words of My man Jesus. "Can any of you add an hour to your life by worrying?" The biggest problem with the economy is fear, we all listen to business news, well I don't, I stopped it's all negative and it breeds fear. Fear scares everyone, when fear sets in we stop spending when actually we need to do the opposite. There is no shortage of money. There is plenty money, plenty oil, gold, diamonds and all other commodities and resources.

Everyone has stop spending and lending on a global scale due to fear and a spirit of lack.

"We Walk By faith And Not By Sight"

Or at least we need to.

Anonymous said...


Thanks, I will sleep beter tonight knowing that the crisis will be there tomorrow again....just like the sun. Kidding ! I love your blog

Anonymous said...

Again, this is a very good way to put the economy into perspective.

Anonymous said...

Just be amazed by it, know that we are making history manouvering through a financial revolution. We are re-building the 21'st century's business foundations, before the institutions fall. Use agility, flexibility, and trust. Don't use it as an excuse for poor performances, just a reason for limited growth. The landscape has changed through; green, economic, and world order changes, a perfect storm! But it's all it required to re-build, re-fresh, re-focus. Not for the first time, and will not be the last time.

Mark W.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the Now Mag article and for your wonderful post, Emmanuel.

Along with everyone's comments, I'm actually looking at this recession as an exciting challenge to take on! :)