Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tip#232: Build Community Now – Gran Torino

Sometimes meeting new people can frightening. But when you break through that negative mindset you could discover new, supportive relationships.

I believe one of the keys to overcoming the stress of our current economic climate is to build a sense of community. As mentioned in tip#229 people can be your greatest resource for help. And it doesn't have to be a huge community. For you it could be a community of two or three people you'd confidently go into battle with.

Gran Torino

One film that's about building stronger community is Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood. Eastwood plays Walt, a widower and a bitter Korean War vet, who learns to open up to his Asian neighbours. Though it is a challenge for him to change his negative mindset he starts to transform into a more thoughtful and protective neighbour.

His actions in dealing with the gangs of his neighbourhood becomes a chain reaction for positive change. He becomes someone you'd confidently go into battle with. And it all starts with Walt opening his heart to new, meaningful relationships. By helping others he energized his own life and his neighbourhood.

How Full Is Your Bucket?

It reminded me of the book I wrote about in tip#150 called How Full Is Your Bucket? The book is about building community in the workplace and that it starts by the recognition and acknowledgment of those around you. It's about committing random acts of recognition both in the workplace AND everywhere else in your life.

So if the economic climate is getting you down remember that there are supportive people already around you. Start focusing on opening your heart and mind to new people you can build community with.

You can start by developing your interaction skills with online social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. All you have to do is take small steps towards connecting with people that you feel "fill your bucket" with positive energy.

And when everyone is filling each other's buckets then you'll end up with a community brimming with positive energy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,

I loved Gran Torino. Such a strong movie with human nature at its best (from Clint Eastwoods' and asian family's side) - moving - eye opening - the greatest I have seen in a long time.


Anonymous said...

Gran Torino is a moving film that shows that we have more in common than not. Thanks, Emmanuel.