Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tip#231: Top 4 Movies for Foodgasms = Positive Energy!

When you taste food you love it fills you with positive emotional energy. And when you taste food that's out of this world you have a foodgasm!

In my motivational presentations I always talk about identifying your passions because indulging in what you love or love to do every day can energize your mental health and productivity. Movies is a big passion of mine and so is food. When I watch a favourite movie it fills me with positive energy. And when I taste delicious, tantalizing foods it ignites all my senses!

The Best Scones - Chocolate Chunk Video

Recently I posted a video I made where I caught someone have a genuine foodgasm! She was tasting hot out of the oven organic scones called Chocolate Chunk and she couldn't hold back the passionate waves of ecstasy she experienced!

You can see how her facial expression ignites and how her whole body quivered in delight of the chocolaty taste. That's passion in action! That's positive emotional energy flowing through her body and mind! See video.

There are many movies that feature foodgasmic moments. Here are 4 favourites:

Big Night (1996)t

This movie is about 2 brothers wanting to boost business for their Italian restaurant during difficult times. So they create a special feast where their friends and guests all experience foodgasms!

Chocolat (2000)

The title says it all! This film features several scenes of characters loving the sweet, creamy taste of chocolate. Check out what happens when I deadbeat husband tastes some potent chocolate delights his wife got for him.

Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

This movie has one powerful scene where the movie hero tastes homemade cookies for the first time. The look on his face is so subtle and yet you will feel the inner ecstasy his taste buds just experienced!

Tampopo (1985)

This Japanese film celebrates the joys of food with short stories of people showing their passion and rituals for eating. Warning! This movie will make you hungry so have some delicious foods nearby when watching!

Energize Yourself With Passion

Filling yourself with positive emotional energy helps feed a positive attitude during challenging times like this current economic climate. The key is to become more conscious of what makes you feel good and then energize yourself on a regular basis.

Transform your negative energy into positive by treating yourself to favourite foods that lift your spirit. Treat yourself to comfort foods you grew up with. Feel the feel good energy that lifts up your thoughts. This is what builds a positive attitude and leads to building self-confidence, enthusiasm and drive.

So let yourself have a foodgasm once in awhile. Take your body, mind and spirit into the heavens with delicious foods. Then you'll feel like you can conquer anything!

What favourite food movies do you love?
Please let me know!

Emmanuel Lopez
Motivational Specialist
© Emmanuel Lopez 2009


Anonymous said...

My passion is food too and I love a spicy curried chicken or a stir fry.


Anonymous said...

My wife believes that food is necessary for great converstion. Meal time is cherished as a time to have stimulating discussion. And we have seen the movie 'Chocolat' and enjoyed it immensely

Anonymous said...

LOL *blush* I'm a little shy about being captured on film with such an intimate reaction but hopefully it will inspire others to indulge a little and create positive emotional energy! :)