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Tip#119: Messages From Oracles - The Matrix - Peaceful Warrior

There is an abundance of information out there available to help us when we are stuck in life. It's like a buffet of choices and all we have to do is pick and choose what works for us. Some messages can even be delivered by unexpected oracles.

Online Oracles

As I wrote in my previous Tip#118: Feed Your Open Mind, I enjoy reading a few favourite astrologers. I find them surprisingly motivating at times when I'm feeling lost or stuck in life. This morning I synchronistically turned on the TV and saw astrologist Georgia Nicols give overview readings for 2008. She reminded me that Cancers will greatly benefit from collaborations with others and that information was a great start to my morning. Her readings have motivated me for years with her playful, down to earth style.

I remember reading Susan Miller's September 2007 reading for Cancer which inspired me with her predictions that my value after many years will finally be recognized and income will improve. That was the same month I received unexpected increases in my workshop payments and began building my working relationship with the new wellness centre connection. Miller's monthly forecasts have been a tremendous source of inspiration during difficult times along my journey.

One other astrologer I find entertaining is Rob Brezsny's Freewill Astrology. I always look forward to reading his column in Toronto's weekly Now Magazine. He has a creatively wacky and thought provoking way of writing out his predictions.

Movie Oracles

One of my favourite on screen mystics is the Oracle from The Matrixmovie trilogy. Her messages to Neo, played by Keannu Reeves, seem to always resonate deeply with me. One thing she said that inspired me in the second movie was that sometimes you don't need to know what choice to make in life. You've already made it. It's your job to understand why you made the choice because "we can never see past the choices we don't understand."

Other favourite movie oracles include Socrates from Peaceful Warrior(see Tip#69: Be In The Moment). In the end any character in a movie that says something that touches you could be a movie oracle. It doesn't matter where the message comes from. What matters is that you feel better in some way.

Messages Are Guidelines

I remember taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test several times and it never felt accurate to who I was. These are one of many personality tests you can take to better understand yourself and your interactions with others. I was later told by a professional skills trainer that the test is only meant as a guideline and it was up to me to discern what was applicable or not to my well being.

So remember that there are oracles all around giving you messages and answers. Remember to take notice of information that moves you in some way whether they come from astrology, movies, books or articles you come across. Discern for yourself what works for you.

The world is a buffet of information. Pick and choose what feels good for you and enjoy the abundance of choices.

Happy 2008!


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