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Tip#118: Feed Your Open Mind - The Italian Job

Keeping an open mind is all about receiving answers from unexpected sources. The best gift you can give yourself this new year is to be open to responses from the universe. Your questions are always answered for getting unstuck in your life or career.

The Italian Job

Over the holidays I was feeding my mind, body and spirit. And I'm not just talking about all the gut busting food overflowing at my family gatherings! I had just finished Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad(see Tip#115) and started his 2nd book Cashflow Quadrants. I could feel my brain getting energized and nourished with all this exciting new information.

I also enjoyed a dinner party during the holidays hosted by the "scone queen" mentioned in Tip#111. It was an Italian theme with marinated bocchini cheese spheres, crispy garlic bread and hearty lasagna servings. There was also a surprise movie viewing of The Italian Jobstarring Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron.

Once again amazing synchronicities came from a movie I did not expect would inspire me. The movie had a similar concept as the Ocean's 11movie series (see Tip#70) where a group of thieves used their individual expertise to accomplish a common goal. I saw the movie as a powerful message for me that collaboration was key to my career goals.

The synchronicities of this collaboration message also came from Kiyosaki's books and other unexpected connections I made. I'm a big fan of the TV series remake of Battlestar Galacticaand the latest episode they showed over the holidays was called "Collaborators". What was so interesting was that the TV guide a week before made an error and printed that week's episode as "Collaborators" too. It was as if the universe was making sure I got the message.

More synchronicities continued. I am also a fan of 2 horoscope websites and found both of their current messages identical for my sign as a cancer. Both and talked about the importance of working with others and for partnering up.

Having an interest in horoscopes and astrology may not have value for others but over the years I have found them to be inspiring, entertaining and very uplifting. After all, if you have an interest that gives you energy why not drink it in?

It's all about keeping an open mind. By having an open mind you can receive answers, synchronistic messages and encouragement from sources you'd never have thought of before. And by feeding your mind with new resources and ideas you'll find more options for moving forward in your life and career.

Happy 2008!


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