Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tip#123: Be Resourceful - 4 Movie Tips

When you get stuck and feel like you are out of options look more carefully around you. There are always solutions if you stop and observe what is already within your reach.

Be resourceful and make the most of what you have. Here are 4 movie examples to inspire resourcefulness in your life or career challenges.

The Edge

Anthony Hopkins plays an introverted billionaire who has a passion for reading and increasing his knowledge. His gift for retaining facts helps him survive after his plane crashes in the northern wilderness. His inner strength for being inventive and resourceful surprises his fellow survivors. Despite his age, he shows them how to make a compass, a fire and many other survival techniques. Click on tip number to read more about movie: #45, #47

Cast Away

Tom Hanks plays Chuck Noland who survives on a deserted island using the contents of the FedEx packages that his plane was carrying. A pair of ice skates become invaluable tools to chop coconuts and wood while the laces are utilized for fishing. For companionship he paints a face on a volleyball which helps Noland retain his sanity for the years he is alone. Click on tip number to read more about movie: #42, #45, #47, #86, #96

Shawshank Redemption

Tim Robbins plays a wrongfully convicted man who uses his intellect to survive many years in a prison. To improve the quality of his prison life and garner support and protection by cell mates and prison guards he simply offers his skills for tax advice and bookkeeping. Overall it is his will to live that feeds his resourcefulness.

The Terminal

Tom Hanks plays Viktor Navorski caught in an unusual problem. Due to passport and political complications, this foreign visitor is forced to live within the confines of the NYC airport he landed in. Navorski becomes resourceful by making a bed with waiting room lounge chairs in a part of the airport still under construction. With no money to eat he discovers he can collect quarters by returning baggage carts and then eat at the fast food service. In the end he is able to receive food and other essentials by helping others working in the terminal with their own needs.

So let these movie heroes remind you of your primary resources:
1) Your mind set
2) Your skill sets, talents and gifts
3) People

Remember to remain optimistic when you feel stuck in life. This positive mind set is the first step for you to begin recognizing your abundant resources within you. You already possess the basic skills and talents to take you towards the help you seek.

Ultimately it is the relationships you cultivate that will help you attain your goals. Remember that people can be one of your greatest resources.

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