Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tip#121: You Can Change Your Future - Minority Report

Sometimes the future can look dire and hopeless. But despite how things look you must believe you have the ability to change this future.

On my current path of my new motivational career the future can sometimes look pretty grim if I allow it. Thankfully previous life challenges have helped me feel more confident in positive outcomes despite how things look in the present. I am simply choosing to keep my eye on the silver lining of this cloud that's over me.

Minority Report

"You can choose." is a reoccurring message in the Steven Spielberg sci fi movie, Minority Report. Tom Cruise plays Chief John Anderton who prevents crimes before they happen with the help of 3 individuals who can see the future.

When Anderton sees his own future and it involves him murdering someone he is faced with a challenge of allowing this to happen or to change his future. He thinks he doesn't have a choice but in the end realizes he was always in control of his destiny.

Stranger Than Fiction

Choosing your future is a theme that also runs through the Back To The Future trilogy starring Michael J. Fox. While surrendering to your situation is what Will Ferrell's character does in the film, Stranger Than Fiction(See Tip#93: Power of Writing). In the movie he hears a voice in his head that is narrating a novel where he is the central character that's suppose to die. Despite this frightening message he eventually becomes the hero of his life and lives.

So be the hero in your own life. Believe that you are in control of your destiny. Believe that no matter what anyone else say that you can choose to change your future. Choose to be optimistic and see the silver lining of your clouds.


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