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Tip#124: The Power In Documenting, Part 1 - Cloverfield

Documenting is a powerful method for recording the value of your experiences. Whether you are documenting through writing, photos, film or music you can always learn about yourself as well as help others learn from your experiences.


I made it a point to see the new movie Cloverfieldon opening weekend recently because of the buzz it generated from the movie trailer a few months ago. In the trailer it looked like camcorder footage of someone's party when a sudden disaster erupts on the streets. It was riveting because it looked like footage anyone could have filmed.

In essence the entire movie concept is an unedited document of a disaster that strikes New York City. It feels like you are witnessing something that actually happened. At one point the person holding the camera says he's documenting everything because, "People will want to know what happened."

And it's true, people can learn from events whether they were disasters or moments of individuals making a difference.

Benefits of Documenting

The important point is to start documenting your own interests even if you currently see no value in doing so. It's like planting seeds to connect you to yourself or with others in the future.

Online resources have popularized many methods of documenting an individual's interests. is a big example and so is And blogging is all about documenting and sharing with others. My blog tips record my life and career challenges and shares the solutions to help others all over the world.

Your story and your personal interests have the capability to help others, inspire others and even teach. You may have discovered the solution to something that someone else may be thrilled to apply to their own problems.

Sharing your story can also help others to know they are not alone in their situations. And it can lift you up knowing you are not alone in your own challenges.

So find ways to document yourself. Write in a journal (see tip#94: Power of Writing) or document the music you love (see tip#43: Soundtrack of Your Life). Or update your resume so you can see your past achievements. Whatever method you choose you will instantly make your mark in the world.

There is value in your life experiences and others will see that value. All you have to do is take action.

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