Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tip#83: Fantastic Chain Reactions - Stardust

Meeting just one new person in your life could create a chain reaction of opportunities. Imagine what would happen if several new people you meet create even more chain reactions. Then your journey of attracting what you want in your life and career would be catapulted onto the fast lane!

Since I started this series of blog tips I have written about certain persons I felt a strong connection to. They have since become close friends and key elements of subsequent blog tips. Here are just some of those who've created fantastic chain reactions:

Money Guru

The money guru friend I'd mentioned in tip#77 and tip#81 is actually the man I first wrote about meeting as I introduced the concept of synchronicity in tip#13. He's helped me see money in a more positive way and shares his comments and encouragement on almost every blog tip I've written. He's like an unexpected character in the movie of my life that's become a powerful ally on my journey. Though he is younger than I he reminds me of the wise Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings Trilogyor the character Socrates from the movie Peaceful Warrior(which he had recommended to me in the first place!) See tip#69.

Writing Guru

In tip#41 I wrote about a powerful synchronicity when I realized I was meant to publish these blog tips as a book. I wrote about being invited to a networking event called Mediabistro and discovered I was in a sea of professional writers! One of them has since become a close friend and my writing guru. She has helped me write queries to pitch my writing to newspapers, magazines and book publishers. Not only has she been very encouraging of my blog tips she continues to help accelerate me towards my goal of getting published. She's helped me immensely to enjoy this new world of writing.

Computer Tech Guru

My computer tech guru friend has given me so much learning and peace of mind about my computers. I have already written how he had helped me in tip#45 and tip#64. He is also the same person in tip#9 who recommended the Noni juice that has helped improve my immune system. As of this writing it is almost 10 months since I started drinking this juice and I haven't been sick once during this time. He is a very thoughtful soul and recently gave me a free Cineplex theatres movie ticket which was an unexpected gift.


I have been experimenting with Facebook as a social resource and find it has pros and cons. The positives, however, brought a dear friend from my past back into my life. We happily reconnected and she was very supportive of my recent decision to share my dream of finding my soulmate on my blog tips. She also recommended I see the new movie, Starduststarring Claire Danes and Michelle Pfeiffer. She said it was about finding your true love.

So I went to see the movie despite the fact I was low on cash and hadn't received any paycheques all summer. I was just going to put it on a credit card. To my surprise I went into my wallet and out pops that free movie ticket my computer tech guru friend gave me! I was meant to see Stardustno matter what.

The movie was a fantastic and magical story. It's a fairy tale for grownups with many colourful characters throughout helping the heroes on their journey. I'd like to share a beautiful quote that Danes's character says about true love but I'd rather you see the movie and discover how deeply uplifting it will be in your own life.

Stardustalso demonstrates what I have just shared about meaningful people that come onto your journey to help you achieve your goals and dreams. All you have to do is grab hold of the opportunities that are offered to you.

And the real key to receiving chain reactions of opportunities is to start them as well. Give and help the people in your life with what you know or whatever you have to make a positive difference. Nurture the relationships of new people you meet who you feel a connection to.

After all, you may each become a new guru friend to each other adding such spice, joy and learning to each of your lives!

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Anonymous said...

well you have started a chain reaction.....I have recently taken your advice and am going to write my story. (you'll have to help me with the publishing part when i get there) there are so many wonderful things that have come from some unfortunate events in this past year and i have been inspired to put them to paper by YOU! you are a positive force in my life and so many others. thank you for everything!


Anonymous said...

"I read your blog and Emmanuel, I am very honoured that you wrote about me. Geez, it's pretty humbling to have this fantastic connection with someone AND who pays their respects through publishing a testament about it for all who can see!"

Stephanie Miller (Writing Guru!)

Kickass Annie said...

We always believed in sychronicity and since we met at a film festival screening, it was apt that we reconnected around a film.

Glad you enjoyed 'Stardust' too.