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Tip#84: Choose A Path, Part 1 - The Matrix

There comes a time in your life when you realize you are not happy with your job or life. Perhaps you've had that itch for years but couldn't identify what was wrong. You just know there's a subtle unrest growing within you. Of course you can choose to ignore it or you could choose a path that changes everything for the better.

I am often asked what steps I'd recommend to someone wanting to live a more passionate, fulfilling life and I offer only what I've learned that couldn't be learned in any textbook. I learned of 3 important choices from the most prestigious school on the planet, The School of Hard Knocks!

The 3 Choices:

1) Half & Half:
Spend half your time (apart from your regular job) exploring what you love doing and other activities and interests you enjoy.

2) Dive In:
Let go of your old job, unsupportive relationships and even your home and follow your heart and gut all the way no matter what to uncover your true passions and path.

3) Ignore All The Above:
Choose to continue on the path you are on and be conscious you are compromising your inner desires, drive, passion and happiness at work, home, relationships, etc.

Feeling a big life/work itch you can't scratch will lead you to these choices. Most people in the world will choose #3 because it is simply the safest. And it is understandable especially if you have a family to care for and bills to pay.

But if that itch becomes overwhelming I usually recommend choice #1 because that is the easier path towards positive change. I went through all 3 starting with #3 then #1 and finally #2. Choice #2 is the gutsiest and full of risk as it can cause the biggest changes and turn your world inside out. And yet if you have the courage it can be the richest most blissful journey. You will discover what you were born to do.

The Matrix

That is the path I am currently on and there have been so many profound levels of happiness and self-discoveries I've experienced. It reminds me of Neo from The Matrixmovie when he chose the red pill instead of the blue pill to discover the truth of who he is and what the world truly is around him. These truths frightened him and could not accept it at first. But then he began to see his unique gifts and accepted his true path and greatness to help others.

Know that when you make either Choice #1 or #2 you will attract all the help you will need on those paths. Like Neo you will not be alone. Neo had Morpheus who was like a wise mentor teaching him how to release his fears and skills in the new world he chose. Neo also had the Oracle to help give him special clairvoyant insights about his future. So know that you will never be alone on a path towards finding your true self and life purpose.

Getting The Rug Pulled Out From Under You

Now there is one volatile factor that may feel like you were forced into choice #2 which I call "getting the rug pulled out from under you". This is the universe helping to kick your ass into doing what you were born to do. It's when everything you know and have is taken away from you so you can see your true path in life.

If this sounds like you then have no fear. You are not the only one. It happened to me and it happened to others. Look at other true life stories and movies like The Pursuit of Happyness.Chris Gardner became a hero in his own life when he overcame sudden poverty while caring for a toddler as a single parent. It was his passion for his son, his dream to be a stockbroker and the good people around him that helped him on his path.

So become the hero in your own life. Take charge and choose a more satisfying, passionate life. Think carefully about the 3 choices so you can make a conscious step towards the life you want to live.

Listen to other success stories of individuals you look up to and see the possibilities. And be inspired by movie heroes like Neo who are there to reflect your hidden potentials.

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Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
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John W. McKenna said...
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Anonymous said...


I love this one !!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they're should be a purple pill! :) one in btwn... Lol

I am doing half of 1 and 2 I believe. Until of course I remember that I am an artist and change my mind!


Anonymous said...

Imagine this:
You are married with no children
and a mortgage

You are skilled in nothing, but,
work for the city.

Your life has taken a turn,
that, to cause a change, would leave
a path of distruction

Youu could leave, you were once
a soldier and saw friends die.
Moving on is second nature.

It is those who dream of
white picket fences and
a family that you would hurt
the most.

You have seen enough tears
to last a life time. What do
you do, when all you want...
is to breath.

Tracy Hogg said...

This is a voice from your past, 4 years of art college we shared the classes and the sweat and tears! No bloodshed though.

I was looking online at an illustrator my 13 year old son wanted to show me from Toronto, someone whose work he saw while he was there this summer and loved. My son is an amazing artist in his own right already.

Anyway, I thought the style he liked resembled yours and I wanted to show my son an illustrator I always admired from art school. We found your illustrations, he loved them too (I'll always remember your Christmas Card with the plump reindeer, still love it!) and I found your Motivatorman! Good for you!

I did exactly what you suggest:
2) Dive In:
Let go of your old job, unsupportive relationships and even your home and follow your heart and gut all the way no matter what to uncover your true passions and path.

I went on vacation to New Mexico in 1995 after reading Georgia O'Keeffe's autobiography, I knew her work, had never heard anyone talk about New Mexico before and it sounded like a place I had to investigate. They call it Land of Enchantment, I call it Land of Entrapment! Anyway, I ended up coming as a tourist 3x a year and mourned when I had to leave, it was that powerful for me. I was a workaholic in Toronto, averaging 3 hours sleep a night and supporting a mine, yours, and ours family as well as an art studio and nanny. Really it was crazy.
Talk about the law of attraction, too long to write here, I didn't know how I was going to immigrate to the US, but from what I have read, you don't question the "how", you just manifest what you want, the rest will come, and it did. I have lived here for 6 years and after thousands of dollars in legal fees, I am now on the wait list for a green card. It hasn't been easy at all and there are times when I wonder why I did it, and I have no answer for people who live in the material world, I just have to be here.The world really is a small place when it comes down to it, these imaginary country borders are ever present. People here tell me I have an accent!

So now I too am at a point where I am soul-searching again- brought on by a broken heart - and encouraging my son to go into art, to follow his passion and make opportunities. Trying to keep the faith. I know my friends in Toronto call me the "Queen of Manifestation", but like you, I haven't been able to manifest my soul-mate YET, operative word: yet! I remain ever optimistic though difficult at times.

I spent a week in Toronto last year, and I have changed, I always thought it was my home, it isn't anymore, Santa Fe is my home. On Friday nights I go out on the art walks to galleries with openings and dream. I have 17 framed paintings that I did of the New Mexico landscape that I love deeply and have been humbled by living here so much I have not even attempted to find a gallery but it is getting higher on my to do list all the time. It's something about my whole reason for going into communications arts/design, to be able to support myself, and because my parents told me I could never be a fine artist. I admire the artists here, and some I just don't understand, but I know they may sacrifice, but they are doing what they love, their passion. It's my secret desire to be a painter still, but it's just not real at this time with a family and a mortgage, and besides, I just can't be social or interrupted (which happens with a family all the time) when I am in "painting mode". I intend to pursue this more in the future.

It's so good to read about you, you are definitely on the right track, and the law of attraction will prevail. Have you read Dr. Wayne Dyer's The Power of Intention?....another GREAT one.....

Thanks for your blog, it is genuine and real and helpful.

Tracy Hogg, Santa Fe New Mexico