Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tip#85: Find All Your Puzzle Pieces - The Bourne Ultimatum

When your life or career crashes it is like all the puzzle pieces of who you are get broken apart and scattered. But sometimes if you are not doing what you were born to do then this is a blessing in disguise. You may just be missing the central puzzle pieces for the big picture of your purpose here on earth.

My quest for discovering who I am and my purpose took many years. Though now I look back at the pain I endured and know deep in my soul it was all worth it. I learned to be resourceful in finding solutions, met amazing new supportive friends and found inner strengths to persevere during times of hopelessness. It was and is an amazing adventure.

Your quest to find the missing pieces of your life can be an adventure story too. Self-discovery can be seen in many movies such as Lord of the Rings Trilogy.The main character, Frodo found puzzle pieces to his hidden strengths and courage. And you get to witness the long and challenging journey Frodo endures to accomplish his task.

The Bourne Identity

Another powerful movie trilogy to inspire your journey stars Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity,The Bourne Supremacyand The Bourne Ultimatum.Damon plays Jason Bourne a man who experiences amnesia and makes it his quest to discover who he is and his purpose. His journey takes him all around the world.

During the first movie you see how lost and frustrated Bourne is to not know his identity. As the story unfolds you begin to see how resourceful he can be in getting himself out of trouble. It even surprises himself. In one scene, where guards are after him within a government building, Bourne doesn't shoot his way out. He just grabs a building map and a guard's walkie talkie to know where the chasers are and finds an escape route.

Bourne begins to exhibit amazing gifts and skills when others around him are trying to capture or stop him. His instincts just kicked in when needed. This becomes a great mirror for those searching for their purpose. The gifts and skills that come naturally to you is already a big part of your purpose.

Over the 3 films you see Bourne slowly remember who he is and that his mind was somehow fragmented. And as he puts his puzzle pieces together he begins to see that someone was responsible for his fragmented mind. Bourne's quest leads him through different levels of discoveries just like peeling an onion. Eventually he gets to the core individual of all his adventures and his search.

Crashing Is A Calling

For me this movie trilogy is a fantastic metaphor for what I discovered about my past and about why my life crashed in the first place. All the joys and pain you experience now is the result of events from your past. Your life crashing is a calling for you to go on a quest to uncover and discover ALL your missing puzzle pieces.

And if you take the challenge and find the courage to go on a self-discovery journey then the universe will applaud you. Your journey may take you all around the world or just to places within your town you've never been to. It will take you deep within yourself to find your inner strengths, skills and gifts. It will take you to your past to discover how those around you imprinted lasting impressions that fragmented the big picture of who you are.

No matter how traumatic or exhilarating your discoveries are these are your central puzzle pieces. Integrating painful as well as joyful memories of who you are may be what you were born to do. Your self-discovery journey may be why you are here in the first place.

So be inspired by Jason Bourne who persevered to collect all his missing puzzle pieces. Never give up even if it takes you years and around the world and back. Be resourceful and persevere. And one day you may look back and see that it was the journey and not the destination that satisfied your soul.

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


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Anonymous said...

Matt Damon...our boy from a good example of the pieces of the puzzle coming together...not only as Bourne but as himself in real life.


Anonymous said...

Quick word to say how I appreciate your adventures and resonnate to your thoughts and ideas. I particularly enjoy your authenticity and how you make it real to what we live in our life. Beautiful.

I saw the Bourne Identity and totally resonnated with the quest identity.