Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tip#82: Be A Magnet - 2 Movie Tips

Everyone is already using the law of attraction and not even realizing it. And once you are conscious of how you've been using it in your daily life you can then develop this skill and apply it to magnetizing your dreams and goals.

Recently I was led to another special event here in Toronto. 3 speakers from The SecretMovie appeared at Indigo Chapters to promote their new books. Dr. John Demartini, Marie Diamond and Bob Proctor were present and there was an excitement in the air for this free event.

When I arrived an hour before show time I saw that people had to line up to get into the limited seats area. While in line I had a nice chat with 2 women in front of me and mentioned this will be the 3rd time I've seen Bob Proctor live for free. They were surprised and asked how I could have done that and I said simply, "law of attraction".

That encounter reminded me that I had a natural gift for magnetizing invitations and special events I wanted to attend or needed to be at. Ever since my 20's I always received invitations to exciting events and parties. Over the years I've attended countless art gallery openings, book launches, birthday events, film festival parties, etc.

It was fun and I met many key people that became important in my life and career because of these social opportunities. At the time though I never saw that I was, in fact, attracting these events and invitations into my life.

The turning point was when I saw The Secretmovie for the first time last year. A light switched on inside me and I became more conscious that I was a natural magnet for events I was meant to be at. I had always been using the law of attraction and didn't even know it. Now I am attracting even more exciting events to attend.

I loved that scene in The Secretmovie where they showed the little boy dreaming about the bike he wanted. They showed him cutting the picture of this bike out of a catalog so he could gaze at it over and over again. He even drew a picture of what he wanted. I remembered doing all this when I was a kid! I believe we all had our inner magnets active since we were children.

A Christmas Story

Little Ralphie did the same thing in the movie classic, A Christmas Story. He wanted something so much for Christmas that he thought about it all the time. He was sending out that magnetic energy with his positive thoughts and feelings.

And whenever he was asked about what he wanted for Christmas he immediately blurted out, "I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!" Ralphie's dream came true on Christmas Day.

Everyone has a powerful magnet inside themselves. You just need to believe it is there and recognize you've already been using the law of attraction in other areas of your life. It may be little things that you've taken for granted. Start by looking at the things in your life that come easily to you.

*Finding parking spaces
*Finding right clothes
*Finding great restaurants and food
*Finding right jobs
*Finding quick solutions at work
*Finding specific places
*Getting good deals
*Getting perfect seat on buses, theatres, etc.
*Meeting significant people

Be more conscious in your day, on your way to work, doing your shopping or doing things around your home. Look at the little moments of your day and see if there are any patterns. Recognizing patterns will be the doorway to understanding how certain things came easily into your life. Allow yourself to view the process of your life in a whole new and exciting way.

You are already using law of attraction. Take time to understand the process of how you've achieved previous goals and then apply them to other areas. Then you'll see magic unfold! Remember you are already a powerful magnet.

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


Kevin McIntosh said...

We are what we THINK...not what we eat. Thanks Emmanuel for reminding us of this. All too often I find myself thinking about what could go wrong and all too often it comes true (ok, not that often but even once in a while is too often in my mind). Instead, think of what could go right! I think we all take for granted that things go right all the time and most of the time we don't give it a second thought because these things are SUPPOSED to go right. Would you ever worry that you will wake up in the morning and be unable to walk? or suddenly be blind? Of course not...and so should we not think about waking up wondering how we'll make the next rent / mortgage payment. Instead, we must train our brains to assume we will and let the Law of Attraction work for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,
It is 11:30 pm...I finally got home..but before going to bed I thought I'd check my email. I was at a national conference in Puerto Rico...I traveled standby to get there last week..I had no trouble getting a seat on the plane going since there was plenty of room...

BUT coming home today was another story...I spent the entire day at the airport "left behind" each time a flight for home was scheduled.... overbooking was the problem. I was really anticipating having to get my heavy luggage, take a cab back to the hotel I was staying at, paying a much higher rate for my room and paying a very high price for a ticket with another airline to get home tomorrow.

Your email struck a strong cord with me ...that's why I am taking the time to reply with my eyes half closed.

Just prior to my "last chance" I visualized myself in first class, in the second row, aisle seat. At the very last minute they called my name whew! I ended up in coach in a middle seat between two teenage brothers. I was happy to be on the plane even if I did not get the visualized seat... .

Out of the blue.. one of the boys asked if I wanted his window seat...I thanked him and said I would probably bother them for bathroom visits........The brother in the aisle seat gave me his seat! I couldn't believe it!

I thanked them both at the end of the trip and also told their parents what a pleasure it was to encounter these two young gentlemen. They beamed with pride.

It works!