Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tip#81: Synchronicities With Street Kids - 2 Movie Tips

Meaningful encounters can happen anywhere at anytime. Every person you come across or who approaches you can bring important messages. These synchronicities can be filled with breakthrough ideas and epiphanies for you. You just have to be open to whoever delivers it.

Recently I was feeling stuck about improving my relationship with money. I needed guidance so I thought about my friend I called my money guru. Law of attraction flowed easily that day and he was synchronistically free that afternoon to meet. He also wanted to borrow my Groundhog DayDVD so I could give it to him then as well.

I asked him about new ways to look at money and the street kids in the city. I was beginning to feel there was a higher reason for why I've crossed paths with them many times over the years in my neighborhood. Once in awhile I do give what I can to these panhandlers though I felt there's a deeper reason for why I encounter them often.

My friend reminded me of the money tips he'd previously told me before. One tip was that in order to get money you have to first give money. This is similar to Earl Nightingale's The Strangest Secret recording where he says...

"No man can get rich himself unless he enriches others."
Earl Nightingale

It's also the same message shared and demonstrated by Bob Proctor star of The Secret movie. I've written before that I had attended 2 of Proctor's seminars he had offered for free. I have experienced his generosity further with free books he had given out. Of course there is a marketing purpose for giving away freebies but in the end I felt grateful and enriched for receiving these gifts.

As I continued to listen to my money guru 2 powerful synchronicities occurred...

Synchronicity #1:
Groundhog Daymovie

My money guru friend reminded me to give whatever I could to others and do it from the heart. The synchronicity that hit me was his tip is demonstrated in the Groundhog DayDVD I had brought for my friend. In the film, Bill Murray's character, Phil passes a street beggar over and over again during his time loop experience.

At first he clearly cares nothing for him. But as he begins to utilize his repeating days to become a better person he starts to see the old beggar as a fellow human being. He does everything he can to help him, giving the beggar money and later feeding him huge meals at the local diner. Phil does everything he can to make the old beggar feel better. This is what my money guru friend was helping me to understand.

Synchronicity #2:
Pizza and Pop

After our enlightening conversation, my money guru friend treated us to pizza and pop. As we sat in the pizza place and waited for our order a filthy street kid suddenly came in, reached into the garbage bin right next to us and pulled out a half eaten slice of pizza.

I was stunned because it was so unexpected and yet I was very conscious we were meant to witness that. It was not just a random event. It meant something bigger and we both knew it. After our meal we walked out towards the corner of Queen West and Spadina Avenue.

As we waited at the corner so my friend could cross the street to go home an amazing thing happened. That same street kid who took the food out of the trash at the pizza place happened to be standing right next to us as I was saying goodbye to my friend. When my friend turned to cross the road this street kid immediately turned to me and offered the rest of that half eaten piece of pizza he had pulled out of the trash. He said he was full and that I could have the rest.

Time stood still for a moment. After all, I had just learned from my friend about giving to others and here was a street kid offering whatever he had to me!

So I said no thanks to the street kid and then offered him my pop my friend had bought for me. He graciously took it and said thank you. I walked away feeling great and astounded that something magical had just occurred.

Pay It Forward

The next day I told my friend what had happened and he excitedly reminded me of the movie, Pay It Forwardwith Haley Joel Osment and Helen Hunt. It's a powerful movie about doing a good deed for someone and in turn that person does a good deed for another. Eventually good deeds would spread from city to city and change the world for the better.

In the end this street kid experience reminded me deeply and profoundly that synchronicities are here to show us how to be better human beings. Generosity of spirit is a powerful state to be in. And it shows us the way to achieve our dreams and goals while helping others achieve theirs.

Remember every encounter you have has much learning as long as you are awake to the opportunities. All you have to do is be open to whoever delivers the special message to you.

Emmanuel Lopez
Life Skills & Career Development
© Emmanuel Lopez 2007


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