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Tip#77: The Power In Repetition, Part 1 - Groundhog Day

Sometimes we are quick to dismiss something we have heard several times before. Some people might even refer to it as listening to a broken record. But there is power in repetition because the looping message may be an important key to making your dreams come true.

I recently went to see Bob Proctorlive for the 2nd time just north of Toronto during a heat wave on July 31st. He only added to the heat because his messages were hot stuff! Even though I heard some of it before at his last seminar in Toronto I picked up fresh perspectives to inspire myself.

This time he expanded more on that important factor missing from the movie, The Secretfor making the law of attraction work. That factor was 'paradigms' (see tip#56). His definition of paradigms was helpful because it is not based on anything academic or scientific. Bob simply says, "Paradigms is a multitude of habits."

These habits originate mostly from other people we were surrounded by growing up. We have to learn to be more conscious of what habits belong to others and which ones are truly our own. One way to de-program yourself of unauthentic habits and paradigms is through the repetition of new, positive information.

The Strangest Secret

Bob likes to talk about repetition through the turning point in his life with his discovery of the classic motivational recording by Earl Nightingale called The Strangest Secret. Bob said he used to listen to it every day in his car with a portable record player powered by batteries. The repetition helped change his old paradigms by introducing new ones with positive and proven methods for success. He was rewiring his brain.

One of my friends, who had been my 'money guru' for past few months, had been helping me create new paradigms with money. Synchronistically he mentioned a few weeks ago that repetition was important for absorbing new information. At different meetings he would talk about the power in repetition again and again.

At the time it didn't really sink in but I finally 'got it' when I heard Bob punctuate that fact at his seminar. A light bulb seemed to turn on over my head! Repetition did it's job.

Groundhog Day (1993)

The romantic comedy movie, Groundhog Dayresonates with many people because they can relate to Bill Murray’s character caught living the same day over and over again (see tip#24). Getting caught in a loop in life is a paradox because it is a frustrating situation as well as a necessary place of learning. The repetitive loop is there to slap you to see the message in the loop about your old habits and the need to create new ones.

In the film, Murray's character, Phil finally 'got it' after countless days repeating. Phil was forced to see that his old selfish habits would never get what he wanted. He finally realized he needed to change his paradigms in order to break out of his loop. He needed to think of others first.

By surrendering to his situation, giving himself time and having a desire for change he created new, authentic, effective habits. Phil ended up finding true happiness, respect for himself, respect from others and even finding love with a woman who loved this new him.

Same Messages

Repetition is a good thing. When you really look at it all the motivational and self-help information around the world is nothing new. It's just packaged differently. It's there in all its different and diverse vehicles to attract you in a way that fits your current paradigms and preferences. The irony is the messages are all the same. The same core messages can be heard in Nightingale's classic recording of The Strangest Secret.

The day after Bob's seminar I did some online research and found a link where you can download the recording for free. I have already listened to it many times and am feeling energized by the repetition.

So treat yourself to this empowering recording. I am providing the link here as my little gift to you. Let it's positive messages fill you with enthusiastic hope. And if you are drawn to listening to it again then the repetition will work it's magic. Enjoy!

Click here to listen or download The Strangest Secret:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your blogs. They are inspiring. You are a born writer, there is no doubt about it.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your MotivatorMan blog. And for whatever reason I chose to look at it today, I was pleasantly greeted with your wise words on "repetition" of good ideas, and recycled advices that we need be reminded of daily to make get THROUGH it all.

Cause surely we always do, so no reason for fears or discontentment. Only celebrations of the experiences and real-life action thrillers we react through, never noticing the hero within us; because it is not scripted on a 2 dimensional moving box.

Things for the repetition of goodness, like the sun, it's always there, just not always noticed.

Thanks. This was great and you are great and continue doing all that you were meant to.

Karla Weathers
the illdesigner
boston ma

Anonymous said...

I attended Bob Proctor’s event on July 31st and really enjoyed it. You have summarized the main point he made that night very well. Your tips are very inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Repetition is key to achieving positive thoughts and in turn positive feelings...I truly believe that...

As an aside...After I read The Secret I thought I'd put it to the test..Being the greedy person that I am..LOL...I asked for $25,000...I figured...A nice round number...Not too greedy but enough to make a difference in my life...3 months of dreaming and repetition...Acting like I already had the money in my hand...Then low and behold...The phone call arrived...We had been left $25,000 in a will....Amazing how it works...Now I never doubt The Secret...

Be positive and positive things will come...

Thanks again!