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Tip#7: Believe In Earth Angels, Part 2 - It's A Wonderful Life

Sometimes unexpected blocks fall in front of you and your goals to test your belief in what you want. It's as if the universe is seeing how much you will fight for what you believe in or how hard you will work to make your dreams come true.

Here's another inspiring story I wanted to share about the launch of my 'Movies That Motivate' series that featured It's A Wonderful Life. Just 3 days before the event I got a call from the Royal Ontario Museum saying they may cancel the event because of low registration. I was in total shock. I didn't expect this at all.

This event launch was a dream come true and now it felt it was being taken away from me. I was, at least, able to convince them to give it until the next day at noon to see if the numbers would increase before canceling it. Just like George Bailey from the movie I really needed a miracle and fast.

So I prayed. Yes I really prayed right then and there for a miracle because I didn't know what went wrong and what to do next. And yes I was also aware I was doing what George Bailey did in the movie when he felt lost. Ultimately I had to surrender to the thought that maybe my motivational event concept using movies was not interesting enough to fill the 300 seat theatre. But somehow I kept believing in myself and my original idea.

Later that night I was able to talk to 2 friends who, synchronistically, were previous earth angels and also involved with organizing networking events. With their expert advice they helped me analyze the situation through fresh eyes. My friends also believed in earth angels and so highly recommended that I make sure this event is not cancelled because anything could happen in 3 days. I was beginning to see the lesson in this situation and it was to see how much I really believed in my event. How badly did I want my dream to come true?

The next morning I felt more confident and called the ROM to keep the event alive no matter what. Thankfully within 2 days the attendance did increase. On top of that another earth angel appeared to me. Let me add a preface before I share more about this new angel.

Part of my job is to promote my events and act as my own PR firm to send email media releases to the local newspapers. It's just like cold calling and I was new to the scene so it was a challenge to get anyone's attention. Over the year of sending out my email pitches no one, to my knowledge, had printed anything or responded to my email submissions or requests. That changed the night before my event.

I received an email from a columnist from 24 Hours, a widely distributed free newspaper in Toronto. She was giving me a heads up that 'Movies That Motivate' will be featured in her events column on the day of my event. I was amazed and a happy chill went up my spine. They have a circulation of over 235,000 so I imagined how many more people would now read about the event.

This became a timely testament to the motivational tips I'd share during the evening with my presentation about believing in yourself and in earth angels. And, of course, the event went ahead as planned!

So remember to keep believing in your dreams no matter what obstacles get in your way. Remember your blocks may be gifts in disguise. They may be testing you to see how much you will stand your ground and fight for what you believe in. Accepting these challenges will make your self-confidence stronger and take you one step closer to achieving your dreams.

And who knows, maybe your guardian angels sent those challenges to you in the first place.

"Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements."
Napoleon Hill

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