Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tip#6: Believe In Earth Angels, Part 1 - It's A Wonderful Life

Have you ever had a kind stranger help you when you were in need? Do you remember helpful individuals who made a difference in your life and then were never seen again? Do you think of these special angels years later and realized how special those encounters were?

I believe there are angels walking among us. I've had too many profound and magical experiences with unexpected, helpful strangers not to believe. I celebrated that belief recently at my 'Movies That Motivate' series launched at the Royal Ontario Museum.

It's A Wonderful Life (1946)

Ironically, we screened the Frank Capra classic It's A Wonderful Lifethat featured a guardian angel. The beautifully restored edition was preceded with a motivational talk on the importance of believing in earth angels in the form of everyday people. As quoted in the movie, "No man is a failure who has friends."

This simple truth also reminds us that our true successes are measured by the friendships we cultivate rather than the size of our bank accounts.

It moved me to see several of my own earth angels in the audience. I hadn't seen some of them for awhile though it reminded me that helpful souls come into our lives for either brief periods of time or they become long term friends. In some way my success of standing on stage that night was assisted by their help in the past. It made the evening mean more to me because they were there.

At the end of the movie James Stewart's character, George Bailey, was able to see that his life had tremendous value to others. He didn't realize at first how much of a giving soul he was or how quick help would come if he only asked. His overflowing riches lay in the friends he had right under his nose. Becoming aware of all this lifted his spirits and renewed his joy for living.

So believe earth angels are already around you. And if you find it difficult to believe try being an earth angel first. Try thinking of others first when you are out in public. Offer your seat to someone who looks like they need it. Do your best to help a stranger if they ask for it wherever you go.

Be as giving as you can and you will soon cultivate authentic friendships. These are the people who will be there when you are down and out. Remember everyone has a little of George Bailey in them. Including you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emmanuel,

This is Rozelle Latorre,i've emailed you in the past and I'm here foremost to congratulate you for all your accomplishments.I love all your motivational tips but i'm especially attached to "Believe in Earth Angels"(1&2). I am very fortunate to have a great bunch of friends in my life whom I love dearly and I know who love me back and you cannot put a price to that. I'm also very fortunate to have benefitted from the kindness of total strangers, directly or indirectly, one way or another and I do believe in the principle of Paying it Forward as well. I love the articles in your website and thanks for sharing it.The world needs more people like you. More power to you and your vision. Hope to meet you in person one day (I live in Vancouver).