Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tip#5: There's A Superhero Inside You - 3 Movie Tips

Can you imagine there's a superhero inside you waiting to be recognized by you? Can you picture that you have always had hidden strengths and special gifts wanting to be released? Wouldn't it be fantastic to reveal that we are all superheroes walking around either asleep or awake to our powers?

The hit TV series called Heroes is all about this concept. And based on its instant popularity a huge audience out there is hooked on a show featuring ordinary people discovering they have super powers.

Superhero Movies

The Heroesconcept is similar to the X-Menmovie series that explores having fantastic powers as well as what it is to be different from others. The movies and popular comic book features a ‘School For Gifted Youngsters’ which is home to kids of all ages with special powers. One called Ice-man can create ice with his hands while others can shoot laser beams from their eyes, control the weather or read people’s minds.

Unbreakable (2000)

The action film, Unbreakable is a superhero type movie reflecting our inner potentials for greatness. In Unbreakable, Bruce Willis is an ordinary father who begins to realize that he cannot get hurt. At the beginning of the film he is the only survivor of a devastating train wreck. He is later seen to be resisting the notion that he is different from other people. Can you relate in your own life?

The Matrix (1999)

In the science fiction action movie The Matrix, Keanu Reeves stars as Neo who slowly accepts his ability to control anything in his reality. When he starts believing in his gifts he is able to do incredible fighting moves, stop bullets in mid air and even fly at super sonic speeds. His full potential only came out when he surrendered to his true reality.

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

One of my favourite superhero movies is Spider-Man 2 which has been called a great self-help movie. Tobey Maguire plays Peter Parker who realizes that “With great power comes great responsibility”.

Superheroes like Spider-Manare a modern mythology in our pop culture that can inspire us all in many ways. They teach us about believing in our selves and the importance of standing our ground. Superheroes show us the basic values of right and wrong and good prevailing over evil. They can even inspire us visually by the heroic and amazing acts they perform.

I never realized how much my passion for comic book superheroes inspired my career as an illustrator until others commented that my figures looked like superheroes. One well-known illustration I created for the 1991 Toronto International Film Festival featured an Atlas style super man holding up a giant film reel in place of the world. Even now my new Motivatorman name and logo reflects my inner superhero.

Real-Life Superheroes

I believe everyone has a superhero inside them waiting to be discovered. Sometimes these special skills and talents are suppressed by others growing up or are unsupported in their adult lives. Real-life superheroes who are doing what they are born to do are the ones who've overcome the nemesis's in their lives.

They become heroes like Nobel prize winner John Nashfor dealing with severe mental illness; Oprah Winfreyfor overcoming sexual abuse; and actor, Christopher Reevewho played the definitive Supermanfor fighting to live despite a crippling spinal injury. Even in death Reeve continues to inspire because of the persistent spirit he radiated while confined to a wheelchair. He truly became a super man.

Let these super people, superhero TV shows and movies motivate you to look at your own hidden talents and skills. Here are some tips to identify your abilities:

1) Look at the things you love to do or come so naturally that you take them for granted
2) Become aware of activities that come easily to you
3) Ask your parents what they remember you doing that you loved as a child
4) Ask a friend what they think are your strengths
5) Ask an old teacher of yours what they remember about you that stood out
6) Look at all your past achievements growing up, as a child, high school, etc.

And who knows? Maybe you will discover what your life mission is all about. Explore the possibilities of making your hidden gifts a part of your work and your life. Wake up to your hidden potentials! Believe in your amazing potentials! The world is waiting to see what you can do!

Emmanuel Lopez
© Emmanuel Lopez 2006

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