Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tip#3: Get Strength From Your Passion - Cinderella Man

Knowing and living your passions can give you strength when you need it most. Passion is the fuel that empowers you to move forward when life looks hopeless. When you realize that the things you love is the key to achieving your goals nothing will ever keep you down and out.

I recently gave a talk at a Toronto employment resource centre for my popular topic 'How To Press Play When You're Stuck On Pause'. I was there to help individuals re-ignite passion in their careers. And because of my own passion for movies I always get excited showing slides of favourite movie heroes.

Cinderella Man (2005)

One of my favourite movie heroes is Jim Braddock in the biographical drama Cinderella Manbecause of how passionate he was supporting his family during the Great Depression. The movie is based on a true story of survival during years of poverty and how one man does whatever he can to help his family and still maintain his morals and dignity.

Crowe plays Braddock a boxer who also gets a second chance at his profession. It is his passion for boxing and love for his family that gives him strength. And it is his strength that profoundly connects hundreds of people starving for inspiration during a time of great distress and hopelessness. Braddock’s passion united people. He became a symbol of strength for other victims of the Great Depression.

After sharing this story at my seminar I recognized someone in the audience who had attended my 'How Movies Can Change Your Life' presentation at the Royal Ontario Museum. I remembered her because when we first met she shared her similar love for movies as well as the classic movie-going experience of a big theatre and the comforting aroma of hot, buttered popcorn.

To my delight she told me she had worked on set for the Cinderella Manmovie when it was filmed here in Toronto and shared some fascinating stories from the shoot. Like how the boxing ring seats in the old Maple Leaf Gardens were filled with highly realistic mannequins that were intensely eerie to be alone with. Even director Ron Howard told her he was creeped out by the figures.

Afterwards we planned to stay in touch and talk more in the future about our passion for cinema. She also expressed her enthusiasm for what I am doing using movies to motivate others. By sharing her passion she strengthened my journey to continue on this new career path I am on. Who knows where this new connection will lead? The important thing is we both took action to share a common interest with each other.

So whenever you get the chance, share what you are passionate about with others. It builds connections whether it is for business or personal reasons. And that could lead anywhere: recommendations for the job you want, necessities of life you are looking for, contacts you need and advice for any other goals you want to achieve. Sharing your passions is the fastest way of connecting with others.

Remember the true story of the Cinderella Manand let it inspire you to gather strength from whatever you are passionate about. Passion can give you the strength and fuel to travel on your journey no matter how challenging it gets.

Emmanuel Lopez
© Emmanuel Lopez 2006

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